Javita Review — Is it a scam?

Javita is an MLM specializing in the health and wellness market with a coffee spin on it (a bit like Organo Gold). They are unique in that they have combined coffee and direct selling to create a one of a kind opportunity for their distributors.

With the power of two wildly popular niches (coffee and weight loss), it’s got some potential if you’re looking for something with a wider customer base.

Founded in 2011, the company was started by a serial network marketing guy named Stanley J. Cherelstein. Two successful MLMs from one man means that the compensation and program work, but it all comes down to the products.


Looking at their website homepage may give you the impression that they only sell coffee—but that’s not the case.

Their product offerings include cocoa, tea, coffee and something called ActiveBlendz.

ActiveBlendz are basically fruit flavored drink mixes. There are five different varieties for you to choose from and it’s supposed to help with appetite control and weight loss. While there are five all of them are flavored with pomegranate and grape.

From what customers have said, the weight loss results are less than stellar.

ActiveBlendz Defend is a sub product that is designed to build up your immune system and help your body combat stress.

Powerful herbs, antioxidants and beta glucans are combined with a mixed berry flavor to help your body stay healthy.

Their coffees bring in the most distributors and they’re separated into a couple types (similar to Sisel).

First up is “burn + control”. Not an original sounding name, but it serves a purpose. This coffee is specially formulated to help you burn more calories throughout the day while also helping curb your appetite. It helps burn + control, get it?

There is one other coffee named “energy + mind”. If you don’t have problems in the weight category, but you struggle with feeling tired all the time or being forgetful—this could be your option.

In either coffee, it’s not just the typical caffeine that is getting you the benefits. There are many other natural ingredients to help you experience these specific results. Things like bacon monnieri, gotu kala, yerba mate and gardenia cambogia along with some high-quality coffee.

There is one variety of cocoa called “FocusFusion” (a bit of a better name), but the same premise.

Essentially, it’s chocolate for your brain to help you focus and give you a boost of energy in a way that tastes good.

A couple of tea varieties finish out the product list of Javita.

The first is called “Herbal Cleanse Tea”. According to their website:

“You scrub your floors, wash your car, and clean your clothes, but when was the last time cleansed your system?”

Yeah, it’s that kind of product. To help you cleanse things out. A beneficial thing for sure, but it may not be the best thing to get distributors signed up underneath you. It seems to be well made and tasty, but it’s described as a way of “taking out the trash” of your body.

The last product is the other tea call “Lean + Green”.

Similar to the coffee this tea has some metabolism aids as well as some detox action going on with the natural leaves.

Compensation Plan

There are two ways to join and become the first level of “Star”.

The Qualifying Business Pack will set you back either $499 or $999, depending on which you choose. That is steep compared to other programs. You’ll also need to sign up three people within you first 30 days.

Note: There is a lower pack for $299, but it doesn’t really get you that much.

Doing all of this will put you in the “Star” status and put you in the running for bonuses and get you $20 every time you sign someone up.

Overall the comp plan is highly convoluted. It’s hard to find on their site (here’s the link to the page with the PDF).

There are three ways to make money. Retail profits, customer acquisition bonus, and personal customer commissions.

Building a team of “business builders” is obviously the way that can earn the most money, but you get 30% retail profit on all the products you sell directly. The acquisition bonus is for every new customer that you get to sign up.

The personal customer commissions is finding new customers (distributors) and maintaining them.

One of the weirdest things about Javita is the single level of their compensation. There are no second tiers, so it really doesn’t encourage you to get your customers to sign up customers under them. This is incredibly rare in MLMs.

Often times, most of your money is made in the second, third, and even forth or fifth level under you.

The company seems to be focused on finding customers for their coffee, not building out a traditional network marketing company.

That said, many of the perks are still there including the potential for a BMW based on certain performance and they even have their own “Diamond” level.


It’s not your normal MLM, but there are enough similarities to make you feel at home if you’re used to the more “traditional” styles.

You’ll probably have some trouble getting friends and family to fork over (at least) $500 to get started, but you won’t have to sign people up to get them to sign others up and so on. That could be a huge benefit and is often the least favorite part of these programs.

If you love coffee, like really love it— it’s worth a look. Otherwise, you may want to pass.


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