It Works! Review — Is it a scam?

It Works! is a health and wellness MLM focusing on the weight loss niche.

Whenever we see a company that has validation in their name, we get a bit apprehensive. Our thought is that, if the product is valid, then there is no need to have a big sign stating such, the product will speak for itself.

So, when looking at It Works! Red flags were already going off. However, upon giving it a thorough review this is what we found.

The company was founded in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost.

The two started the Ultimate Body Applicator after a successful home business in telemarketing networking. Mark and Cindy are not the creators of Ultimate Body Applicator, that belongs to Luis Mijares. Luis Mijares is internationally known as a herbalist and a university educator on phytotherapy.

Since its birth in 2001, the company has grown substantially as well as added new products. Headquarters have been built twice to compensate for growth, with the latest headquarters being completed in 2014.


Products offered by It Works are divided into Body, Skin, Greens, Lifestyle, Essential Oils, and Packs. There are also accessories, new arrivals, and apparel. At its core, the products are intended as body sculpting/forming supplement.

It Works main seller, the Ultimate Body Applicator is a Body Contouring Wrap.

We’ve got to admit, there isn’t anything like it available. There are plenty of other wellness MLMs, but none that offer something like this wrap.

This is to be applied for 45minutes or more and is based upon a cream formula. The wrap is intended to tone and rim the skin as well as improve the texture and the tightness of the skin. The pack contains 4 applications and Sells for $50.

The key ingredient in the Ultimate Body Applicator is water and glucose. This is followed by Caprylic, Triglyceride, SD Alcohol 40, and Glycerin.

Hair Skin Nails is a nourishing complex containing 60 tablets.

The tablets are intended to strengthen nail strength, hair follicles, while also enhancing the natural collagen and keratin production in the hair skin and nails. Skin elasticity and flexibility are supported when the supplement is taken. Sales of the Hair Nail Skin It Works is $33.

Apart from the Ultimate Body Applicator, the Greens products tend to be popular in the sales (it’s a bit like Herbalife). Greens products are beverage enhancers.

Greens Blend Berry for example is intended to Alkalize, balance, and detoxify the body. For $33 the 4.5oz contents are claimed to provide you with the ability to restore your PH balance in your body, maximize the absorbsion of natural vitamins and minerals, and give you 34 different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the complex blend.

The main component in the blend is blue green algae, Parsley, and Pea Fiber.

Statements about the validity of the products and their use have not been approved by the FDA. Credit is based solely upon testimonials.

Compensation Plan

Cheerfully called a Wraprenuer, the independent contractor for It Works is a member of a MLM company.

The person becomes a distributor of the products and is compensated based upon the compensation plan. When you join It works you agree that “I will be solely responsible for playing all expenses that incur”, that you “wave all rights to any bonuses, commissions, or other remuneration derived through the sale and other activities of my former downline organization” (if you do not renew).

Reading through the It works compensation plan, you will find that there are a great deal of waivers.

One partially important waver is that “distributor waives all claims that any other statue of limitations applies” with another being that the company can use your name, photograph, for any purpose online or printed without your inspection or approval.

Distributor compensation is based upon a points system.

This system is based upon a 10% of the pre-tax and pre-shipping of the order. Any discounts and 0 BV products will not earn perk points. Perk Points have no cash value, but there is a $1 in product credit which is given.

Specifics as to the financial compensation in the compensation plan was a bit vague.

There is immense details on the penalties and the lack of compensation for certain products and returns, but not so much on the payment for those who do well in sales. Then again, there are three very lengthy legal documents to read which cover the compensation plan.

As the compensation plan is more of a legal binding documentation rather than a guide in which you can pose questions and get comments, it is highly recommended that you have a legal professional read over everything before you commit.


It Works is a quickly growing company which offers MLM opportunities. However, the company’s growth may be attributed to the Ultimate Body Applicator and not to the other products which are offered as these are fairly new.

Due to the amount of waivers and the penalties which one could incur in being a distributor, those wishing to join should calculate the required monthly costs, the time (as you will need to do wrap parties and such to build your List), and have a firm grasp of the compensation plan before starting.

Specifics on the various levels of the Compensation Plan and details in how to receive fiscal compensation for sales could not be found without falling into a state of bewilderment. This, again, is a result of the three different sections.

Red Flag precautions should be taken when contacting the company as the Customer Support is in Chicago, USA the base of operations is in Florida, and the product marketing is out of Texas. There does not seem to be a standard base of operations which may make getting your compensation and contacting the company difficult.


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