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It Works Greens Review: does it really boost your health?




It Works Greens is a nutrient packed greens powder to give you all the health benefits of greens easily and quickly.

The formula contains an incredible blend of 52 herbs and superfoods, combined with another 34 fruits and vegetables. It’s intention is to increase health & vitality, detox the body and to help with weight loss.

This It Works Greens Review is going to examine  this “health boosting powder” to see if it can really help you achieve optimum nutrition.


What is It Works Greens?

It Works Greens is a powder based drink which includes a vast range of superfoods, herbs, fruits and vegetables to support health.

How to take It Works Greens?

It Works Greens should be mixed with water or juice and drunk twice a day.

Who should use It Works Greens?

It Works Greens should be used by people who want an easy way to get all the nutrients they need for optimum health.

How much does It Works Greens cost?

The retail price for a 120g pot of It Works Greens is $55.00. This should last about one month.

Is It Works Greens legal?

Yes, It Works Greens is legal.

Is It Works Greens safe?

Yes, It Works Greens is safe.

Where to buy It Works Greens?

It Works Greens can be purchased from their official website, Amazon or via an authorised distributor.

Does It Works Greens really work?

It is highly likely It Works Greens will be of nutritional benefit to anyone who uses it.

Are there any It Works Greens alternatives?

There are many greens powders on the market. A notable alternative would be Supergreens by Nested Naturals.


If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy and energized.

It Work Greens is a nutrient dense powder which includes a huge variety of dried superfoods, fruits and vegetables to help fill the gaps in your diet.

It’s packed full of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with the aim of supporting health in the following ways:

Heart Health

Looking after the heart and cardiovascular system is imperative to maintaining health and improving longevity.

One of the greatest threats to the heart come from high cholesterol and blood pressure. (1)

If cholesterol levels are too high due to a fatty diet, arteries can become narrowed as fatty deposits are laid on arterial walls. (2)

Both high cholesterol and high blood pressure vastly increase your risk of heart disease, heart attacks or stroke. (3)

The ingredients included in It Works Greens have been clinically proven to assist in the lowering of blood pressure and management of cholesterol – helping to keep your cardiovascular system in tip top shape.


An unhealthy diet filled with processed foods can cause a buildup of toxins in the body. (4)

Whilst we naturally have a toxin removal system – our liver, sometimes this vital organ can become overwhelmed and struggle to cleanse the body efficiently. (5)

The nutrients contained within It Works Greens can support the liver and  the removal of toxins from the body.


If you do not get enough adequate nutrients in your day to day diet, your energy levels can suffer. (6)

The body needs sufficient  nutrition so that the metabolism and energy processes can work productively.

It Works Greens contains a huge variety of superfoods, vitamins and minerals to ensure you are getting the required nutrition to support energy levels.

Weight Loss

A poor diet can contribute to weight gain, and not just because these diets tend to be higher in calories.

If you are not getting the vitamins and minerals you need, your metabolic rate can suffer as a result. (7)

The metabolic rate is responsible for setting the pace of calorie burn throughout the day, determining how many calories you use before you undertake any exercise. (8)

If the metabolic rate is negatively affected by low nutrition, the amount of calories you burn as standard can drop, meaning it is easier for you to gain weight, and harder to lose it.

It Works Greens uses nutritious ingredients which help keep the metabolism healthy and therefore supports weight loss.


It Works Greens contains a huge combination of 52 herbs and roots, mixed with 34 fruits and vegetables.

Below we examine the most beneficial greens found in It Works Greens patented blend, and their benefits to health.


This freshwater algae is a deep blue green colour and has been hailed as a superfood.

Packed with antioxidants, spirulina grown in waters around the world for its nutritional qualities and numerous health benefits.

Spirulina is extremely high in protein, which helps to maintain and build lean body mass. (9)

If taken on a daily basis spirulina can combat arsenic toxicity, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, boost energy and even increase the rate of weight loss. (1011121314)


Parsley is a highly nutritious and common herb often found in the kitchen.

It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and diuretic properties and has been used for many years as a treatment in folk medicine.  

Parsley contains antioxidants and plant based phenols which are powerful health boosters.

It has shown promise as a treatment for numerous disorders, including menstrual issues, heart disease, diabetes and stomach problems, to name but a few. (15)

Barley Grass Powder

Barley is one of the oldest grains known to man. It has been farmed throughout human history from the middle ages to modern times.

The young green sprouting shoots are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which can supercharge health.

Some of these antioxidants have been linked to cancer and heart disease prevention due to their anti-inflammatory properties. (16)


Spinach has been considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. It contains more than 12 body boosting antioxidants and is also packed with nutrients.

It’s touted as a great anti aging food, protecting cells from damage and preserving youth. (17)

Furthermore, spinach contains compounds known as carotenoids which are related to decreasing the risk of obesity. (18)


Just like spirulina, chlorella is a type of blue green algae native to Japan and Taiwan.

It’s rich in nutrients including potassium, phosphorus, biotin, magnesium, beta-carotene, and b-vitamins.  

Chlorella is especially beneficial in supporting the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. (19)

Chlorella supplementation has also shown promise in assisting with weight loss. (20)

Alfalfa Extract

Originally cultivated in Asia, alfalfa hay has been widely used as a feedstuff for livestock while the nutrient packed sprouts are consumed by humans.

Alfalfa is very high in fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which makes it a great addition to any healthy diet.

It is particularly high in vitamin K, containing 38% of your daily value per 100 grams. (21)

Consumption of alfalfa can help to prevent osteoporosis and also protect heart health by lowering cholesterol. (22, 23)

Matcha Green Tea

Almost all of us will have heard about green tea, but matcha green tea is a little different.

Matcha is a very finely ground, concentrated green tea powder which has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years.

Many studies have been made into the health benefits of green tea, which seem to suggest that it has anti-carcinogenic (cancer preventing) properties. (24)

Matcha green tea can also boost energy levels and burn fat due to the amount of caffeine contained within it. (25)


Watercress is a type of perennial plant which grows in saturated soils bordering waterways.

The shoots and leaves are enjoyed in salads and sandwiches for their peppery flavour.

Watercress is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants and fatty acids.

It’s concentration of vitamins can help support bone strength and contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails. (26)


Rosemary is a herb very common on the kitchen spice rack.

Originating from the mediterranean, it has a beautiful aroma and taste as well as an abundance of health properties.

In particular it is useful for its powerful antibacterial benefits.

It has been proven to effectively combat bacteria in the stomach when consumed, preventing further growth and subsequent infection. (27)

Plantain leaf

It’s very different from the banana like fruit that shares the same name. Plantain leaf (plantago major) is a green weed like plant which grows in Asia, Europe and North America.

It has been used in the treatment of ailments for centuries.  

Plantain leaf is beneficial for the reduction of inflammation and can help prevent infections of the urinary tract. (28, 29)

Dandelion leaf

Both the roots and the greens of the dandelion plant are nutrient dense and often used as natural remedies.The leaves are eaten in salads or steamed and sauteed to give flavor to other dishes.

Dandelion greens can detox the liver and reduce swelling caused by water retention. (30, 31)

Dandelion can inhibit fat absorption, helping you to stay trim. (32)


The aromatic citrus flavor of lemongrass is one of the key ingredients in Thai cooking; it is also used therapeutically to ward off insects and to fragrance cosmetics.

The herb is a member of the grass family and has antiseptic, antifungal and digestive soothing properties which can aid digestion and boost immunity. (33, 34)


Dulse is a type of nutrient rich algae which has thick, deep red colored leaves. It is prevalent on the northern coasts of the world’s oceans.

This algae is high in iodine which is crucial to thyroid health and the maintenance of our metabolism. (35)

Side Effects

When researching this It Works Greens Review, we did not come across any real side effects reported from its use.

The only thing you may need to consider is the possibility it may give you more energy, so perhaps avoid close to bedtime.

Due to the amount of ingredients, the risk of allergic reaction is of course higher. Do not give to children or those under the age of 18 years.

Recommended Dosage

Two servings of It Works Greens powder is recommended daily.

The powder should be mixed with water or juice and drunk.

It is advised not to take this powder close to bedtime as it may disturb sleep.


It Works Greens is an convenient blend of superfoods, nutrient packed fruits and veggies to help complete your diet.

There are no side effects by using the product and it is likely to be of benefit to those who feel their busy lifestyle means they are not getting adequate nutrition.

We like how it is easy to use and does not require much preparation.

Greens powders are notorious for their distinctive taste, which for some people can be difficult to stomach. We like how It Works Greens overcomes this issue by using three different flavors which are more palatable.  

Our only criticism of It Works Greens is that there is almost too many ingredients in the formula. This makes us wonder how potent the benefit from each ingredient really is.

Overall, we believe that It Works Greens would be beneficial to those who feel they need an additional nutrient boost – but it shouldn’t be a complete substitute for a healthy diet.

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