Immunotec Review — Is it a scam?

Immunotec is a long-standing supplement and wellness MLM that seems to be geared toward the older generation.

Started back in 2007, the company has expanded their product line to include several closely related product lines all centered around the human body being at its best (both inside and out).

The brand is one of the top 100 direct selling companies by Direct Selling News.

It’s definitely not all sunshine, but there are some positives to this company. One of the plusses is a good cause called “The Children Fund”. Consultants (aka distributors) submit their favorite kids organizations and the company chooses who gets the money raised from portions of company sales.


There are a couple of dozen offerings from Immunotec in about five different categories. We won’t touch on everything a consultant would sell, but we will hit the highlights.

By far the largest category is “Health and Wellness”.

Over 20 products in all, in two forms—supplements (pills) and more supplements (drink-based). The star of the show is “Immunocal”. It’s a patented formula that has been clinically shown to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Most of these MLM supplements claim the super power of some ingredient, but don’t actually have doctor-researched evidence. Obviously, it’s a plus here and commands a premium price.

There is also a senior version for those who are hitting their upper-middle ages.

Along with their signature supplement, there is a calcium pill, omega fatty acids, and a few other varieties for those who are looking for some top-shelf (both in quality and price) vitamins and minerals.

Drinks available are more geared towards vitamins than performance. Many companies that offer drinks are usually for workouts (either pre or post). These are strictly for vitamins and minerals, like melatonin, available in a cherry flavor.

The next category is skin care.

On the list, there are products to improve the health of your skin as well as reduce the signs of aging. Reducing wrinkles and what not is super popular in the MLM space. If you’re into one that is growing like crazy, take a look at Nerium.

Another huge push for Immunotec seems to be weight management.

There are several packages that are sold together, but you can get a couple of the products a la carte style. Kits come in either a “transformation” or “maintenance” form and there are two versions of each (a lower and higher priced option).

The kits come with a variety of shakes, bars (apple), and supplements—including the signature, patented Immunocal.

You can purchase the apple bars and the chocolate or vanilla shakes individually.

For some reason MLMs are really getting onto the toothpaste bandwagon. Probably something to do with too much fluoride in the water or something. Immunotec is no different. They offer as one of their only “personal care” products available.

There are also deals going on most of the time for consultants to snag some lower cost goods, and an “accessories” section that includes some disposable shaker cups and other things that can help utilize their other offers.

Unfortunately, consultants will have to purchase all of their marketing materials. If you want to sell the products, or have distributors sign up under you it won’t cost much—but you will have to pay for it.

Compensation Plan

There is a link on the site for the compensation plan.

That said, it has shockingly little to tell you about the actual plan. You can find a little bit by digging around via a search engine (see screenshot below). It seems that the company offers more materials, but makes them difficult to find for those searching.

Not sure why you’d want the information hidden so well, but it is so we’ll just have to move on.

The information is vague to say the least. For instance, when you’re looking to know how much you’re going to get paid for building a viable business all the company has to say is…

In addition to income generated through their personal Customer base, you earn residual commissions based on the Customer sales made by your distribution network. Residual commissions provide rewards for Consultants who move up in leadership rank through product sales and help others grow their own Immunotec businesses.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that signing up (without a starter kit) is easy, yet unclear about startup costs.

The kits are well laid out and priced clearly starting at $262 going up to $525.

Be our guest to take a look at the above screenshot, but while it is labeled a from the company, we can’t be sure of the accuracy. It’s just to give you an idea. Unfortunately, a better on than you can find on the Immunotec website.

How you get paid is incredibly important. It’s possibly more important (for some) than the actual products you’re selling in the first place.

For a similar company with a much better comp plan, take a look at Jeunesse.


It may sound brutal, but without a clear concern for distributors, consultants, or whatever you want to call them—the company will not do well.

MLMs that aren’t clear in their compensation plans can have great products, but need to show the people who will sell those products that they’ll actually be able to make money. Sure, most don’t make anything (or very little), but without a clearly laid out path to success, no one will care for long.


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