IDLife Review — Is it a scam?

IDLife is a health and wellness MLM with an extensive line of products.

Logan Stout (the founder and CEO) has set out to create the wellness company of the next generation. Using excellent products created by top scientists in order to help those “individuals committed to healthier lives on smarter paths”.

Using a little bit of a different approach, this network marketing company may offer a better opportunity for those who are genuinely looking to help others while making some extra cash.

IDLife has quality products created using the top scientific knowledge and processes, but that has become expected in today’s market. Where this company stands out is in guidance. There are tailor made plans for everyone who signs up to use the products.

That’s very different from most other MLMs we’ve reviewed.

Here’s what the company says. “IDLife offers individuals personalized guidance that is tailored specifically to their health factors and personal goals. We embrace the unique situations and targets of everyone we work with and know that support and guidance are key to success.


All of the products (and there’s several of them) are separated into multiple categories.

IDNutrition is a vitamin, IDLife Experience are weight loss products, Shakes (protein), Hydrate (kinda like sport drinks), Energy is a line of booster-type stuff, and literally several more categories.

There’s even a skin care line that doesn’t seem to fit everything else. But if you’re body is going to be looking that good, you may want to keep them wrinkles away, right?

The IDNutrition is a vitamin, but it’s not just a one-size-fits-all.

You actually input some data into an assessment and the vitamin that you get will be specially formulated to help you where you need it and to help you reach your personal goals.

The shakes are very high-quality, not like the protein powder you get on the store shelves. The whey is derived from grass-fed cows and cold-filtered to really get to the best protein available. If you’re lactose intolerant, or just love animals—there’s a vegan version.

Hydrate is a powder packed with vitamins, electrolytes, and coconut water. Natural, refreshing and not overloaded with sugar.

There are a few energy products. Who doesn’t feel like they need more fuel?

Energy is the original product and it’s designed to give you a burst of energy followed by six hours of sustained boost without a crash. Then there are “Energy Shots”, similar to a 5-hour energy. Finally, there are “Energy Chews”. Kind of like an energy shot put into a small chewable tablet.

One of the most unique products we’ve seen is the IDLife Sleep Strips.

They’re a non-habit forming batch of ingredients that the site says is “safe for use as needed for occasional sleeplessness”.

IDLife has a pre and post workout drink powder to help you get geared up for your workout and start repairing those muscles right when you’re done. Both are considered powerful and useful for athletes.

For a snack, the company has a few bars that are incredible healthy and high-quality.

Each is organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and made from a mixture of Superfoods. You won’t find that in too many big-box stores.

To help with weight loss even more, there are IDLife “Appetite Control Chews”. Sounds easy enough to chew on one instead of wolfing down some fast food.

There are even a few kid-friendly nutritional products and a small line of IDLife Skin Care products to help consumers enjoy smoother, lighter, and younger-looking skin.

IDLife isn’t the only nutrition MLM to delve into skincare. Kyani does something very similar.

Compensation Plan

The first thing you’ll notice about the compensation plan is the surprising lack of visuals.

Most other MLMs will include all sorts of graphics that are made to explain the sometimes complicated business setup and payment processes. In the IDLife comp plan, all of the info is laid out is a neat, but mostly text document.

There are four different ways to start a business with IDLife, they will range in price from $99.99 all the way to about a grand ($999.99 to be exact).

Major differences are the amount of product that you get to start you out. The more you pay up front, the more stuff you’ll get at a supremely discounted rate. If you’re not that motivated by money, but want free supplements—there is a fast track plan for that.

Find a few people who want awesome health products, and sell them as distributors. Once you have them in place, you can essentially have free stuff to use for your own health gains.

Other than that, the typical things that you’re used to seeing exist.

You’ve got a “fast start bonus”, “business builder bonus”, “residual income bonus” and several others that you’ve seen in one form or another if you’ve looked into network marketing before.


The products from IDLife genuinely seem like they are really good.

Some MLMs have a decent business and payout structure (we like 4life’s), but bad products. This one could offer a great benefit for those who are looking to use the same products they’re selling. If you could get a few friends who love to workout—your stuff could be free.

Payout percentages don’t look that good and, unless you have some serious networking, you probably won’t see a ton of cash flow.

We’d label this one mostly for those who are looking to get cheap or free supplements and workout nutrition.


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