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IdealShape Review: is it the ultimate diet shake for weight loss?



IdealShapeIdealShape is a low calorie meal replacement shake that is high in protein and helps you feel less hungry.

The plan requires followers eat five times a day to crush hunger. This notion increases their chances of sticking to the plan which leads to weight loss goals.

All of the products in the IdealShape range are balanced to ensure that you are getting optimum nutrition while restricting calories.

This IdealShape review will take you on a close inspection of IdealShape to see if this is the right plan for you.


What is IdealShape?

IdealShape is a weight loss plan that centrers around replacing meals with low calorie shakes and snack.

How to take IdealShape?

When following the IdealShape plan, you are advised to eat five times a day. You could replace breakfast and lunch with a shake, eat a balanced meal for dinner, and have two low calorie snacks between meals. You do not need to use their snack products, but they advise better results if you do.

Who should use IdealShape?

IdealShape is perfect for busy people who want to lose weight. The plan is a convenient and easy to follow way to restrict calories while also preventing hunger.

How much does IdealShape cost?

A 30 day pack of IdealShape products is priced at $208.91.

Is IdealShape legal?

Yes, IdealShape is legal.

Is IdealShape safe?

Yes, IdealShape is safe.

Where to buy IdealShape?

IdealShape products are available for purchase from their website and also on Amazon.

Does IdealShape really work?

IdealShape is a low calorie weight loss plan. It is widely accepted restricting calories leads to weight loss in healthy individuals.

Are there any IdealShape alternatives?

The most similar and popular alternative to IdealShape is Slimfast.


IdealShape is a convenient weight loss plan which simplifies following a low calorie diet by providing a range of ready to consume low calorie shakes and snacks.

They ensure you will not get bored by providing a huge variety of nutritionally balanced options to choose from.

The IdealShape plan aims to help you lose weight by providing the following benefits:

Hunger Support

Fighting hunger so that you can stick to your diet can make losing weight a constant daily struggle.

Meal replacement shakes can appear as if they are not substantial enough to keep your stomach from growling for long.

But the intention of IdealShape is that you do not need to worry about the battle with hunger pangs and wrestle with cravings.

Their meal replacement shakes and snacks effectively combat hunger by including a range of satiety extending ingredients. They work to keep you feeling full until it is time for your next snack or meal.

Calorie Control

Restricting calorie intake is simple weight loss math, but that doesn’t mean it is easy.

If we want to lose inches, we all know we have to count the calories in and out, making sure more goes out than comes in.

Although counting calories is certainly effective, it is also pretty inconvenient. Few of us have the time to weigh and prepare all of our meals and snacks, to be certain of their calorie content.

With IdealShape, you do not need to constantly worry about the correct portion size and calorie content of what you are eating.

All of the shakes and products available in their range are conveniently calorie balanced to give you peace of mind, and help you hit targets.

Nutritional Support

When following a protein shake meal replacement plan, you won’t be eating the variety of foods you were before.

Instead of cereal, salad, or a sandwich, you are consuming a pre-packaged drink as your meal.

This is great for weight loss, but there are considerations to be had regarding nutrition.

By restricting your intake of real foods, you could be restricting your intake of vitamins and minerals. (1)

This is why IdealShape includes a long list of nutrients for support while losing weight.


IdealShape includes a vast range of meal replacement, snack and supplement products.

Here we discuss the most broadly used ingredients in their shakes and snack range:

Whey Protein

Whey protein is the top choice if you wish to build lean muscle, prevent muscle loss,  burn fat and prevent hunger.

Whey is one of the most easily absorbed and digested sources of protein, which is one of the reasons it is so effective as a supplement.

Protein is one of the best nutrients you can eat to build and preserve muscle mass. This helps you to look fit and healthy, as well as taking care of your metabolism. (2, 3)

Clinical research has proven that whey protein helps to regulate the blood sugar – therefore reducing hunger and unhealthy food cravings. (4)

Idealshape includes high quality whey protein in their products to support lean body composition and reduce hunger while dieting. (5)


Slendesta sounds like a new brand of weight loss pills, but in fact it is a form of powdered raw potato extract.

It is derived as from potato protein and works as a ‘protease inhibitor’ or PI2, which means that it stops proteins from being broken down by enzymes.

This serves to slow down the digestive process and keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

It also stimulates the release of a chemical called cholecystokinin or ‘CCK” – this chemical informs the brain that the stomach is full and prevents hunger. (6)

Studies have shown that repeated consumption of protease inhibitors derived from potato reduced weight gain in rats and increased blood levels of CCK. (7)

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is found in carbohydrates such as fruits, veg, whole grain breads, nuts and seeds. It consists of both ‘soluble’ and ‘insoluble fiber’.

Both are very low calorie and cannot be easily absorbed by the human digestive system.

Insoluble fiber passes straight through our gastrointestinal tract, but traps cholesterol, toxins, fat and other waste on the way. This improves our digestion and helps to protect us from heart disease by removing cholesterol. (8)

Soluble fibre absorbs water in the gut, creating extra bulk and giving the sensation of being full.

Therefore, in terms of weight loss, not only does fiber help by removing some dietary fats before they can be absorbed, it also works to prolong satiety. (9)

Studies have shown that regular intake of fiber is associated with lower body weight increases over time. (10)

Digestive Enzymes

IdealShape uses the digestive enzyme trio of lactase, bromelain and papain in their blend.

These enzymes are very important in keeping the digestive system functioning and healthy.

If we did not have these enzymes, we would not be able to absorb all the nutrients we require for life from the foods we eat. (11)

The inclusion of these enzymes in the IdealShape formula helps users to get optimum nutrition from both their own products and other meals while dieting.

Vitamins and Minerals

To ensure you are obtaining the best nutrition throughout your diet, IdealShape includes the following vitamins and minerals in their meal replacement products:

Sodium regulates blood pressure assists the nervous system. (12)

Potassium keeps muscles healthy and balances blood pressure. (13)

Vitamin A is beneficial for eyesight, keeping skin healthy, supporting the immune system, and the production of red blood cells. (14)

Calcium is required for strong bones, it also supports muscle function and nerve communication. (15)

Vitamin D supports the immune system and keeps bones strong and healthy. (16)

Thiamin helps maintain nerve, muscle, and heart function. (17)

Niacin increases the production of friendly, ‘good’ cholesterol, keeping the heart healthy. (18)

Folate reduces tiredness and fatigue. (19)

Biotin keeps nails, skin, and hair healthy. (20)

Phosphorus keeps bones healthy and reduces risk of osteoporosis. (21)

Magnesium keeps blood pressure balanced and also regulates heart rhythms. (22)

Copper boosts energy and helps the body to heal. (23)

Vitamin C is essential for the immune system. (24)

Iron supports blood and nerve health and also reduces tiredness. (25)

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. (26)

Riboflavin is used to breakdown fats, carbohydrates and protein. (27)

Vitamin B6 breaks down and helps to digest protein. (28)

Vitamin B12 assists in the functioning of the brain and nervous system. (29)

Iodine supports the thyroid and therefore metabolism. (30)

Zinc supports the immune system. (31)

Side Effects

There wasn’t any reports we could find regarding serious side effects from following the IdealShape plan.

However, there always the potential for a few unwelcome, if minor, side effects: bloating, gas, nausea, headaches, fatigue, cramps, diarrhea, and stomach upsets.

Recommended Dosage

The IdealShape directions for use are based around a five ‘meals’ a day principle.

So for example, your day could look something like this:

Breakfast – One IdealShape meal replacement shake.

Snack – IdealShape bar or other snack.

Lunch – IdealShape meal replacement shake.

Snack – IdealShape bar or other Idealshape snack.

Dinner – A healthy, well-balanced meal.


IdealShape is a convenient, low calorie weight loss plan that aims to help people lose weight without counting calories.

Their formula contains clinically supported ingredients to reduce hunger, helping followers stay on track to their weight loss goals. The IdealShape plan also encourages followers to eat five times per day, leaving little time to feel hungry.

We like how Idealshape has a huge range of low calorie products and flavors to choose from, all of which are nutritionally balanced.  

On the other hand, we do think that IdealShape is rather expensive, coming in at close to $210 for a month supply of the products.

All things considered, we believe IdealShape is a good fit for busy professionals who have disposable income, but little time to devote to planning a low calorie diet.

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