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Hydroxycut Black review: cutting weight fast?



Hydroxycut Black is an extreme weight loss supplement with a mission to help you cut down rapidly. 

It’s the latest addition to their range of fat burners, of which they claim is formulated using ultra advanced liquid-thermo technology.

They use ingredients with backing from science and it’s a popular choice with many who like to hit the gym.

This Hydroxycut Black review plans to give you the lowdown on what it does, what it’s made up of and whether it’s effective or not.

Although its a decent weight loss supplement, it did not make it in our top 3.


What Is Hydroxycut Black? 

Hydroxycut Black is designed for intense weight loss results. 

“When Should You Take Hydroxycut Black?

1 serving should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before 2 of your main meals – preferably breakfast and lunch.

“Is Hydroxycut Black Safe?”

It’s worth bearing in mind, if you take any type of supplement there are always some kind of risks involved. Having said that, if you read the label  follow the directions as instructed it should be safe.

“Is Hydroxycut Black Legal?”

Yes, Hydroxycut Black is legal

“Who Should Use Hydroxycut Black?”

Hydroxycut Black is suitable for men or women, although they do have a female friendly version with added vitamins. It’s not suitable for anyone under 18 or pregnant women.

“How Much Does Hydroxycut Black Cost?”

Price is listed as $30.99 for a 30 day supply

“Where To Buy Hydroxycut Black?”

Hydroxycut Black can be purchased through various options:  If you are looking to buy online then Hydroxycut Black can be purchased directly on the official website, Amazon or GNC. However, if “old school” shopping is more your thing Hydroxycut Black is affiliated with the big stores like Walgreens and Walmart.

“How Long Does Hydroxycut Black Take To Get Results?”

The increase in energy is noticeable from the first dose onwards. For best results Hydroxycut black should be used continuously for 60 days.

“Does Hydroxycut Black Really Work?”

Basing this on independent customer reviews, more than 50 percent of users gave positive feedback.


Hydroxycut Black is a blend of ingredients with 3 main contenders: Caffeine, robusta coffee extract and alpha lipoic acid. The remainder is a mixed bag of natural extracts to support weight loss goals.

It’s a supplement which needs to be used in conjunction with a well oiled workout regime and a balanced healthy diet. 

Here are the primary health benefits:

Boost Energy 

Energy is what keeps us going throughout the day as well as when we workout. However dieting limits your fuel supply.

There is a term known as energy flux – this is the speed at which energy is converted  either for use or storage once it’s been digested. This basically refers to the amount of energy that passes through your body. (1)

Science has revealed the higher your energy flux the less chance you have of gaining weight. This means if you maintain high energy levels you are more likely to be successful with weight loss. (2)

The Hydroxycut Black ethos is set around combining ingredients to maximise your energy levels.

Your stamina, endurance and overall workout performance should improve too, which means you are burning even more calories.

Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is a fundamental player in weight loss.

Your main strategy needs to be focused on increasing your metabolic rate so that you burn calories faster – even at rest.

Experts suggest exercise is one way to increase your metabolism naturally. 45 minutes of vigorous activity was proven to raise resting metabolic rate for a further 14 hours after the event. (3)  

Studies have also discovered dietary supplements can also play their part in stimulating metabolism. Although in this particular case, experts could not rule out the possibility it was down to the caffeine content alone. (4)

Hydroxycut Black kicks your rate onto the next level.

Burns Fat

Fat burning is linked to your metabolism.

If you use calories faster, (like thermogenics) your body switches to the next supply – body fat stores.

Fat burner supplements are known to increase fat oxidation – the way the body burns fat for fuel. They also have the potential to increase fat metabolism – the manner to which the body breaks down and uses fat. (5)

Hydroxycut Black uses selected compounds which enhance the whole process and even preventing fat from storing.   

Fast Weight Loss

If you take all the functions above and mix it with a rapid-release capsule Hydroxycut Black is going to lead to a speedier slim down.   

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients responsible.


Here’s how the hydroxycut black ingredients stack up:


Caffeine is a natural stimulant, on the other hand the anhydrous version is a synthetic. Either way, they are both proven to be solid weight loss compounds.(6)

Caffeine boosts energy levels and is great one for enhancing athletic performance, which is why some people opt for caffeine pills for a boost. It also sharpens the performance of your mind. (7,8)

It can also increase metabolism through diet induced thermogenics – the increase of body temperature. This means you burn more calories. (9)

However, we all know it’s easy to build up a tolerance to the effects.

Robusta Coffee Extract

Robusta coffee extract (canephora robusta) is just a fancy way of saying unroasted or raw beans.

The unprocessed coffee beans contain a higher content of chlorogenic acid and this is also where most of the weight loss benefits stem from. (10)

Robusta coffee extract is proven to enhance fat burning by increasing metabolism. It can also block fat from storing up. (11, 12)

Although there is evidence to back up weight loss, experts do admit human research is limited. (13)

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is a natural compound found in the body, yet it can also be sourced externally through certain foods. It’s a forerunner of energy metabolism. (14)

It can also regulate insulin activity, ensuring your blood sugar levels are balanced. When everything is in line means it’s easier to lose weight. (15)

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe extract is taken from the bark of an african tree and is often used for improving sexual performance. (16)

It’s also used as arsenal against fat loss. (17)

Yohimbe is a “alpha 2-receptor antagonist”. This means it homes in on the bad guys who hamper fat loss and renders them useless. (18,19)

Studies have reported in only three weeks you can lose on average 3.5kg. (20)

On the other hand, some trials have not been so conclusive. This has led experts to question whether yohimbe is actually effective for weight loss.(21)

Black Caraway Extract

Black caraway (nigella sativa) is also known as black cumin or black seed. Its a herb that’s been around for centuries and for good reason. (22)

It’s a powerful antioxidant which is considered a booster for health in many ways: including anti-diabetic, cancer and obesity properties. (23,24)

Purslane Extract

Believe it or not but purslane is classed as a weed in the farming world. (25)

However, this “garden pest” turns out to be quite useful when it comes down to health and nutrition.

Purslane is actually the richest plant source of omega 3’s and beats spinach hands down for alpha lipoic acid content. (26)

It’s also contains fiber content, which as any dieter knows promotes satiety and the “full” feeling for longer. (27, 28)

Arugula Extract

Arugula is a peppery “supergreen”, it’s also known as rocket depending on what part of the world you live in.

Even though it’s a leafy green, arugula is classed alongside cabbage, broccoli and horseradish as part of the “Brassica” veggie family. (29)

It’s rammed full of antioxidants as well as fiber. Arugula is also said to contain plant compounds that kick start detoxifying enzymes. (30)

Chicory Extract

Chicory extract is taken from the root of the purple flowered plant and contains a type of fiber called inulin. (31)

This has been proven to curb appetite which in-turn reduces food intake. (32, 33)

Other benefits of chicory include lowering blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and improve digestion. (34)

Side Effects

The Hydroxycut Black side effects are one area you should to take note on. They state it’s safe to use as directed, yet there is a recommended tolerance test when you begin the course.

This suggests a possibility of potential negative effects.

This supplement contains 200mg caffeine anhydrous and 200mg coffee extract (which also contains amounts of the stimulant).

In fact one serving equates to 2.5 cups of coffee.

There is a chance you could experience adverse reactions like: anxiety, the “jitters”, headaches and sleep disruption.

Yohimbe is also another notorious ingredient. It has been reported to cause anxiety, increased heart rate, headaches and more frequent urination. (35)

Customer reviews have reported experiencing:

Nervousness, stomach cramps, restlessness, nausea and the shakes.

Recommended Dosage

When it comes down to Hydroxycut Black directions, there are specific guidelines for the initial dosage levels. This is so you can assess your tolerance to the supplement.

Days 1 to 3 you must take 1 capsule at 2 separate intervals daily. Days 4 and after you can take 2 capsules twice daily. Do not take more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.


For anyone wanting to know “Hydroxycut Black – does it work?” the science says you can achieve some solid weight loss results.

However, it’s also worth remembering there are potential side effects like anxiety or “jitters” to factor into the equation.

And finally, always remember that it’s just a supplement – its not an “end all” solution.

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