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Home Chef review: can this meal delivery service simplify homemade meals?



Home Chef review

Home Chef is a meal delivery service which delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door.

Home Chef offer a variety of healthy dinner recipes each week. Once you’ve chosen your meals you’ll receive one box per week containing all the fresh ingredients you need to make these recipes at home.

This meal delivery service is engineered to save you the time sourcing recipes, going grocery shopping, meal planning and portioning.  

The intention of this article is to look inside Home Chef and find out if its really worth using.


What is Home Chef?

Home Chef is meal delivery service which provides you with easy to follow recipes and fresh pre-portioned ingredients right to your door.

How does Home Chef work?

You browse the Home Chef recipes online and select which ones you would like to try. The meals change on a weekly basis. Once orders are placed the ingredients and recipes are shipped to direct to your  door.

Who should use Home Chef?

Home Chef is great for anyone with a hectic schedule that struggles to find time for preparing and cooking fresh meals.

How much does Home Chef cost?

Home Chef meals cost $9.95 per serving. Meals can be chosen in pairs of two, four, or six servings.

Is Home Chef paleo/keto friendly?

There are no specific recipes available on Home Chef for people following paleo or ketogenic diets.

Does Home Chef offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

Home Chef do cater for vegetarian meal options. Although many vegetarian options overlap with a vegan diet Home Chef do not guarantee regular weekly options for this dietary requirement.

Does Home Chef cater to food allergies and intolerances?

Home Chef acknowledge all ingredients in Home Chef meals are produced in facilities which not certified allergen-free. However, recipes clearly state which allergens they may contain. This includes wheat, soy, eggs, milk, fish, tree nuts, peanuts and shellfish.  

Is Home Chef a fad?

Home Chef is simply a meal delivery service that provides you with fresh, healthy ingredients and is therefore not a fad.

Is Home Chef safe?

Yes. Home Chef is simply a tool for you to produce quick and easy good quality meals in your own home.

Where to buy Home Chef?

Home Chef can be purchased from the official website.

Does Home Chef really work?

By providing you with easy-to-follow recipe and fresh ingredients, yes Home Chef really does work for simplifying home cooking. It doesn’t pledge any kind of diet-like weight loss results.

How long does it take to see results using Home Chef?

As it is only a meal delivery service intended to provide you with healthy, easy-to-prepare meals Home Chef does not promise any results. However, if using this service encourages you to eat better, then you should see improvements to your well being.

Are there any Home Chef alternatives?

Yes there are various other meal delivery services available on the market. These include Blue Apron, Sun Basket and Purple Carrot.


The Home Chef concept is designed to save you time and effort whilst offering you support to create quality meals at home.

By providing you with the meal time essentials each week, Home Chef also helps you eat fresh food, monitor your portion control and plan healthy dinners.

Here we will look at the benefits of Home Chef in finer detail:

Eat Fresh

Recent studies show that the biggest perceived obstacle relating to family mealtimes is hectic schedules. Finding the time to shop, prepare, plan and cook is regarded as a major difficulty whilst leading a busy lifestyle. (1)

Many people feel that after a long day the thought of grocery shopping and planning recipes isn’t appealing. It’s for this reason families or individuals often resort to frozen or microwave meals.

However, by supplying you with entirely fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes, Home Chef do all the hard work so all you need to do is cook. This enables you to eat wholesome prepared meals in spite of a busy schedule.

Portion Control

A huge problem with our modern day eating habits is portion control. Therefore, whether you are trying to slim down or just eat balanced meals, taming the amount you pile on your plate is vital.

Portion sizes have increased over recent decades. Experimental studies have shown  larger portion sizes lead to an overall daily increase in energy intake. This contributes to weight gain, increased blood sugar levels and high cholesterol. (2)

Home Chef supply you with pre-portioned ingredients which deliver adequately sized meals per person. This eliminates the guesswork of quantity and allows you to eat the right amount of food.

Another issue with portion size is wasted food. This issue is becoming a huge problem in the western world. In the US alone around 40 percent of all food  produced is squandered and most of this waste happens at consumer level. (3)

Food waste is not only bad for the environment it’s also a drain on your wallet.

Studies show that online meal planning and recipe resources could help customers manage their food waste. (4)

By supplying you with the right amount of food per recipe Home Chef minimizes your weekly food excess.

Healthy Eating

When we cook our own meals from scratch at home we rarely know the nutritional value of our food. Although it may seem healthy we might not know the accurate fat content, sodium content or calorie amount.

Nutritional information about each meal is readily available to access online when browsing Home Chef’s available menus. You know exactly what you’ll be eating and what nutrients you’ll be obtaining before you order your food.

This will help you to plan out your diet and keep total track of what you’re eating. You can even plan up to five weeks in advance.

Studies show meal planning is linked with healthier eating and weight management. (5)

Furthermore, if you want to be extra healthy, Home Chef offer two special meal categories:

Firstly, you have the option of ‘calorie-conscious’ which contains less than 625 calories per serving. The other alternative is called, ‘carb-conscious’ and contains less than 35 grams of carbs per serving.

There are at least three options for each ‘conscious’ meal available per week.

What’s Included?

In this section we take a look at what kind of recipes and ingredients you will receive from Home Chef and whether they offer any extra choices or benefits:

Meal Recipes

Each week Home Chef make available over ten dinner recipes to choose from. They  will always vary, but you will always have the option to choose from chicken, steak, pork, fish or vegetarian.  

The variety of recipe choices is a great opportunity to try new food. Home Chef provides you with the scope to cook and taste new meals you might otherwise never eat.

As well as dinner recipes Home Chef also offer weekly smoothies, five minute lunches and fruit baskets. The 5 minute lunches do not require cooking.

Menus are set five weeks in advance so you can easily plan your meals ahead.

Sample Menu

Here we look at some of the typical recipes/meals found on Home Chef


Fish: hot honey salmon with thyme-roasted zucchini and tomatoes.

Pork: korean pork medallions with sriracha and slaw

Vegetarian: tex mex tofu salad with corn and tortilla strips

Steak: patio BBQ steak sandwich with grilled corn.

5 Minute Lunch

Peanut chicken brown rice bowl

Crunchy ranch steak wrap.

Speciality Diets

For those who are on a plant-based diet, Home Chef does offer recipes to cater for vegetarians.

Also, when selecting your Home Chef recipes you can choose to omit a selection of ingredients according to your dietary specifics. These include pork, red meat, shellfish, wheat, soy, nuts, mushrooms and milk.

Home Chef Ingredients

Home Chef include only fresh, high-quality ingredients. They also keep their menu and recipe options mixed by always offering something different.

When it comes to being healthy, good quality ingredients such as whole grains, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables are key.

Including more of these and cutting back on refined carbs, bad fats and sugars will provide the body with better nutrition and a reduction in risk of disease. (6)

Side Effects

As Home Chef is based around quality and wholesome food, the chances of experiencing major adverse reactions is limited.

However, with any new meal regime you may experience adverse side effects of a digestive kind. This could mean an unsettled stomach or irregular bowel movements at the onset.


Home Chef is designed to take the complication out of home cooking. By taking care of the recipe preparation, planning, shopping and food prep all you need to do is make it.

Not only is Home Chef easy to use but the food is fresh, healthy and varied with multiple options for low-carb, low-calorie and specialised meal plans.

A potential drawback for Home Chef is the cost. If you are used to savvy supermarket shopping or are feeding a large family Home Chef might seem on the expensive side.

However, this could arguably be offset by the lack of food waste and high quality meals.

If you do struggle to find the time to plan, prepare and cook meals from scratch, then Home Chef offers a great opportunity to skip the frozen meals and get back in the kitchen.

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