Fuxion Review — Is it a scam?

FuXion Biotech SAC is a multinational Health and Wellness MLM operating in 17 countries.

Originating in South America, FuXion uses the latest biotechnology available to improve health and well-being.

This brand is geared towards the whole family, not specifically men or women. Their website is adorned with bright and colorful photos of multigenerational families, further supporting their family friendly mission.

According to the site, their mission is to transform society through a unique holistic lifestyle. FuXion researches and develops unique nutraceutical foods that help you reach optimal health and well-being.

With core values that support ethics and responsibility, creativity, and leadership, FuXion may be the company for you.


FuXion offers a line of beverage mixes made from all-natural ingredients from the Amazon. There like Plexus‘ Pink Drink, but more for health benefits.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain more energy, or just improve your overall health and wellness, FuXion has plenty to offer.

FuXion’s Enhancing Product Line offers products targeted to 5 specific areas including Immune Support, Weight Management, Anti-Age, Mental Stamina, and Sport Performance.

Immune Support products include Vera+. This product contains an herbal combination of Aloe Vera and Vitamin C aimed to strengthen your immune system and fight allergies.

This product includes Wellmune, a patented ingredient that has been clinically shown to improve functioning of the immune system. Wellmune has also been shown to prevent the common cold, an added bonus of this product.

Weight Management products manage fat percentage, help lower cholesterol, and control blood sugar levels.

One product offered is Ganomas Cappuccino made with ganoderma lucidum extract. This product claims to improve the body’s antioxidant defenses and support weight loss.

Biopro X Active Fit protein shake is another Weight Management product offered by FuXion. Low-calorie and allergen-free, this product helps control your appetite while eliminating body fat without depleting muscle mass.

Anti-age products focus on nutrition to help you look and feel as young as you desire.

Youth Elixir is a beverage containing both amino acids and antioxidants. The site claims this product reduces the effects of aging and increases vitality, skin elasticity, all while improving your quality of sleep.

FLX T is another FuXion beverage claiming to reduce the effects of aging. Containing natural ingredients aimed at protecting joint cartilages and reducing joint pain caused by inflammation.

Mental Stamina products include two very practical tea mixes, aptly named ON and OFF.

ON is combination of herbal extracts, amino acids, and antioxidants. This product stimulates brain function and fights fatigue, allowing you better focus and concentrate.

OFF is a similar product containing amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. This product is aimed at helping concentration but also decreasing stress and aiding relaxation.

Javita sells coffees, teas, and cocoas that have health benefits. If you like the java and want some thing a bit more marketable to coffee drinkers, take a look at our review for them.

The selection of Sport Performance products are aimed at helping you achieve your maximum potential.

Biopro X Active Sport is another protein shake offered by FuXion. This product helps control your appetite while eliminating body fat and accelerating your metabolism to boost fat burning.

The Core Products System is another line of products targeting overall health and wellness.

FLORA LIV is a cleansing product that promotes gut health by delivering more than 10 billion probiotic bacteria to the intestines. This product promotes balance and maintenance of the intestinal flora.

LIQUID FIBRA supports a healthy digestive system. Containing fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this product nourishes your digestive tract.

All of these products are available in powder mixes. To enjoy one, you simply dissolve the mix into a glass of water and drink.

Compensation Plan

Getting started as a FuXion Independent Entrepreneur (EF) is not extremely clear. To get started you must contact the Entrepreneur who referred you or contact the company directly via their website.

Once enrolled you will purchase an Enrollment Kit that will contain a unique Entrepreneur code that will get you started. Navigating the website is particularly easy. The cost of the Enrollment Kit however is not clearly given.

FuXion’s compensation plan is fairly easy to understand once you are able to find it on the site. There are 13 different ways to earn income from being an EF.

Retail profits are the first and quickest way to earn. As an EF you purchase products at wholesale price and then market and sell them for the suggested retail price. To begin, you will receive a 20% discount on the list price of all qualifying products. When purchasing larger volume orders you will receive an additional discount, increasing retail profits even more.

Rank Bonuses are another opportunity to earn income as an EF each month. There are twelve different Rank Bonuses, ranging from the Bronze all the way to the much more lucrative Diamond Millionaire X. To see an overview of the various levels see the screenshot below.

Along with retail profit, there are generous bonuses available to an EF as they achieve higher ranks. All together there are twelve different ways for an EF to earn.


If you are interested in doing an MLM within the health and wellness territory, FuXion Biotech SAC is a something to consider.

With an ever growing demand for products that promote health and wellness, FuXion offers a great opportunity for personal growth and financial freedom.

Although the website can prove challenging, once you get acclimated to the layout you may discover FuXion is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


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