Forever Living Review — Is it a scam?

Forever Living is an MLM focusing in the skincare niche using the power of aloe.

Founded in 1978 in Scottsdale Arizona by Rex Maughan, the company promotes health and wellness products that have been specially formulated.

Through vertical integration, Forever living is not only able to control the quality of their aloe, they are also able to control costs. This benefits the consumer as well as the business owners.

The Business opportunity as well as what Forever Living describes as Incentives and bonuses has been reported to have changed millions of lives.

What may set Forever Living apart from other network marketing organizations is that there is a great appreciation for the people who produce the products. Since they are a grower of aloe, they have a sense of stewardship about the plants and describe the farmers as the lifeblood of the company.


Forever Living is best known as the largest producer of aloe vera products. There seem to be nine different lines of products. At first glance, some of the lines seem to overlap. For example, weight management and nutrition seem to be the same kinds of products. Or skin care may be another way of saying personal care. Here are a few of the unique offerings from each line.

The skin care line is highlighted with infinite by Forever. These products made from Forever Living’s aloe include hydrating cleanser, firming complex, firming serum, and restoring creme. This is the latest in skin care designed to restore balance.

One of the most popular products in the personal care line is the Aroma Spa Collection. The three piece collection includes a three step process. The first step is Relaxation Bath Salts made from Dead Sea Salt. Relaxation Shower Gel to cleanse the skin. And Relaxation Massage Oil to complete the aromatherapy spa experience.

Forever Giving is a line of wearables and toys that support the Forever Living Foundation.

Flawless by Sonya is the cosmetic line. Many of these products, of course, contain aloe. Including the BB creme that is available in several skin tones.

The Essential Oil line has many individual scents as well as blends for every mood. The Forever Essential Oil Diffuser is the piece of technology designed with a high capacity and long run time.

There are more diversified product line in other MLMs (like 4Life). They have tons of different product types.

Bee Products are a line of supplements formulated to support many of the body’s systems. This includes the natural sweetener Forever Bee Honey.

Weight management line of products are thought to help people look better and feel better. This includes bars and protein shakes that compliment capsules engineered to accelerate the metabolism.

Forever Nutrition are vitamins, supplements and herbs specially formulated for men, women, and specific ages. Cardio health, gut, and kids health all have individual products to address each population.

In addition to drinks, there are combo packs that are arranged in popular product combinations. These combo packs are convenient for not only the distributor, but also add value to the consumer.

Compensation Plan

The Forever opportunity is a combination of incentives and bonuses so that the network marketing professional can achieve Eagle Manager status.

There are eight distinct levels of Eagle Manager ranging from Senior Manager all the way up to Centurion Diamond Manager. Each manager level is distinguished by the number of downline Eagle Managers.

From there, the Forever Living compensation plan becomes very complicated. The number of downline managers, case credits (there appear to be nine different categories of cases) manager status, and so on. On top of this compensation plan, there is also the Chairman’s Bonus Manager level. This level of compensation has case requirements as well as downline requirements and is awarded on top of the Eagle Manager compensation plan.

There is also the Forever2Drive program. Ths program based on case credits is a way for Eagle Managers to earn an additional credit towards car related expenses.

Many network marketing organizations disclose the average earnings of each distributor. This disclosure did not appear to be a part of the Forever Living Marketing Plan.

While the lure of several different bonus structures seems exciting, there does not seem to be a reason for so many different ways to be incentivized.

Forever Living also offers Forever Resorts. There are lodging, marina and outdoor adventures awaiting all Eagle Managers. Many of the top levels of each incentive program and manager level include all expense paid trips as bonuses. Anywhere from a three day trip, to an around the world trip for the highest earners.

This year, the annual trip or Global Rally as it is called is being held in Dubai. And don’t forget about the Rock The Boat Mediterranean Cruise leaving from Barcelona. Forever Living puts a big emphasis on reward and travel for its international team of network marketers.


Forever Living has a unique offering for both its consumers and the professional network marketer.

Because Forever Living has control over their main ingredient, the aloe vera plant, this organization is able to claim they are the largest manufacturer of aloe products.

If you’re looking for a company that does skincare and other products, check out Kyani.

From cosmetics to personal care, skin care to drinks made with aloe. As a grower, manufacturer and distributor of health and wellness products, Forever Living is a worldwide leader and member of the Direct Sellers Association.

Rex Maughan’s dream to produce the best consumable aloe products has grown to a billion dollar company in its 30 year history. Forever Living has become the worldwide leader for the network marketing professional in the health and wellness industry.


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