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Flat Tummy Tea review: can this tea really flatten your belly?



Flat Tummy Tea is an all natural blend of ingredients structured to flush out toxins, reduce bloating, support weight loss and increase energy.

The plan is available in a 2 or 4 week supply which is purposely developed to kick start digestive health and weight loss by cleansing and gently stimulating the body.

Followers receive two different teas, one to drink every morning to wake up the body, and one cleansing blend to drink every other night before bedtime.

Our Flat Tummy Tea review looks closer into the promises behind this plan to see if this is the tummy flattening tea you have been searching for.


What is Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea is a day and night tea blend designed to cleanse your digestive system, reduce bloating and boost metabolism and energy.

How does Flat Tummy Tea work?

Flat Tummy Tea uses a natural blend of teas, herbs and spices with gentle stimulating and cleansing properties. These ingredients help to flush water retention and toxins from the body, encourage weight loss and support digestion.

Who should use Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea can be used by anyone who wants some help reducing bloating and losing belly fat.

How much does Flat Tummy Tea cost?

Flat Tummy Tea is available in a 2 week or 4 week plan. A 2 week supply of Flat Tummy Tea is priced at $36.00, whilst a 4 week plan is priced at $49.00.

Is Flat Tummy Tea a fad?

Flat Tummy Tea uses natural ingredients which have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. They also have modern clinical backing towards digestive health and weight loss.

Is Flat Tummy Tea safe?

Yes, Flat Tummy Tea is safe, providing you follow the directions.

Where to buy Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea can be purchased via their website and Amazon.

Does Flat Tummy Tea really work?

The effectiveness of the ingredients used in Flat Tummy Tea are supported by clinical trials.

Are there any Flat Tummy Tea alternatives?

Yes, there are other detox and weight loss teas available on the market. Some notable alternatives are ‘Fit Tea’ and ‘BooTea’.


Flat Tummy Tea is a fortnight or month long detox and weight loss plan designed to beat the bloat and help you flatten your stomach.

The plan requires daily morning consumption of their ‘activate’ tea blend, and bi-nightly consumption of their ‘cleanse’ blend.

When combined with a sensible diet and exercise, Flat Tummy Tea promises the following benefits:

Reduces Bloating

One of the biggest obstacles of a flat tummy is the dreaded bloat. You have watched your diet and hit the gym, yet all your hard work is hidden by your swollen belly.

Bloating can be caused by a number of factors: intestinal gas, poor diet, water retention, constipation or unhappy hormones.

Flat Tummy Tea contains ingredients that flush away water retention, stimulate the digestion and clear toxins, helping you to beat the bloat once and for all.

Boosts Metabolism

Shedding stubborn belly fat can sometimes seem almost impossible.

Everyone knows to lose fat you need to restrict calories and work out, thus leaving your body with a lack of calories to burn for energy.

This forces your body to eat up your fat reserves for fuel, burning away those inches.

Flat Tummy Tea makes this process easier by boosting your daily calorie burn.

It uses metabolism boosting ingredients like green tea to help accelerate your weight loss and get you on the road to a flat stomach.

Increases Energy

Almost all of us have experienced a nasty sluggish feeling which accompanies a bloated stomach and lethargic digestion.

Reaching your goal of a toned stomach is much harder if you can barely get up of the sofa. Therefore, if your energy levels appear to be dragging along the floor, Flat Tummy Tea can help.

Their blend of natural ingredients includes extracts which have naturally stimulating properties, helping lift your energy levels so that you feel ready for anything.

Supports Digestion

Bloating and stomach cramps are often the result of a struggling digestive system.

Constipation, cramps and gas can be attributed to an imbalance in digestive bacteria or a poor diet.

Flat Tummy Tea helps to keep your digestion efficient and healthy, relieving unpleasant side effects.

It uses many ingredients proven to stimulate, cleanse and balance the digestive tract, leaving you feeling lighter and more comfortable.


Flat Tummy Tea uses a blend of the following ingredients in its day and night formulas:


Peppermint is a fragrant herb growing in european climates. It is very often used as a confectionary flavouring or in culinary dishes to add freshness.

Peppermint has digestive soothing benefits. Peppermint oil and tea are a well known treatment for the nausea, gas or bloating associated with irritable bowel syndrome. (1)

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another herb closely related to mint.

It has strong antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and is believed to help conserve the health of the digestive system. (2)

It may help to deter the formation of gastric ulcers. (3)

Lemon balm can also gently assist in the relief of bloating and constipation by encouraging gastric emptying, the elimination of waste from the gut. (4)

Licorice Root

Usually considered as a sweet treat, licorice has a surprising range of health boosting assets. It has been a staple in traditional chinese medicine for thousands of years.

It contains a range of plant based healthy compounds such as antioxidants, flavonoids and cholesterol reducing sterols. (5)

Consumption of licorice can assist in detoxifying the digestive system, reducing irritation and inflammation and soothing stomach cramps. (6,7)

It is also a diuretic, which means it helps your body to pass excess water. This helps to reduce water retention and reduce bloating. (8)


Dandelions are usually found growing in your back garden across europe and the US.

These little yellow flowers are rich in nutrients and plant compounds which help you to slim down and detox.

They contain flavonoids and sterols which help to lower cholesterol and combat infection. (9,10)

Dandelion is also an effective diuretic, encouraging the reduction of water weight. (11)

Furthermore, dandelion has detoxifying properties. Studies have shown it to be beneficial in detoxing the liver and supporting the health of the kidneys. (12)


Cleavers is a plant that grows across most of the globe.

It has been used in traditional chinese medicine as a treatment for issues related to the bladder and urinary system.

Cleavers assists in detoxification of the liver and kidneys by supporting the lymphatic system. This is responsible for flushing out toxins and waste products. (13)

Therefore, it encourages this system to work efficiently and also has a diuretic effect.


Fennel has been utilised as a treatment for digestive problems for thousands of years in traditional medicine.

It has anti inflammatory, calming properties and can help relieve stomach cramps, gas, bloating, support digestion and also detox the body. (14)

Fennel can increase the speed at which food travels through the digestive tract, thus helping prevent constipation and bloating.

Fennel can also help with weight loss by encouraging the shedding of water retention and reducing the appetite. (15,16)

Green Tea

Green tea is perhaps the most popular health boosting tea of modern times, even though it has been drunk in Asia for thousands of years.

Green tea can improve your energy levels due to the caffeine that it contains. (17)

It is also rich in antioxidants and can assist  weight loss by elevating your metabolism. A higher metabolism means you will burn more calories without having to make any extra effort. (18)

Furthermore, green tea will encourage the body to use its fat stores for fuel, helping you to burn more fat when you exercise. (19)


The seeds of the caraway plant are commonly used as a spice in Indian dishes.

Caraway can soothe indigestion and help to accelerate the movement of food through your gut. It can also help you to lose weight. (20)

It’s also classed as a diuretic, which means it stimulates urination and helps to both cleanse the kidneys and protect from infections. (21)


Cardamon is another spice frequently used in Indian and Asian cuisine.  

It can help protect you from infection because it has strong antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties. (22)

Cardamon can also help to relieve indigestion and decrease bloating by balancing gut acidity. (23)


Senna is medically accepted for its use as a gentle laxative.

It also has benefits towards weight loss and the removal of toxins due to the ‘sennosides’ it contains.

These are the active compounds which stimulate movement of the gut and encourage the elimination of toxins and waste. (24)

This action can assist with weight loss and the reduction of bloating and indigestion. (25)

Cassia Chamaecrista

Cassia chamaecrista is a a tree native to Asia and is sometimes known as ‘Chinese cinnamon’. The bark is often used as a food and drink flavoring for its sweetness.

It can prevent the growth of bacteria, thus is useful in preventing urinary and kidney infections. (26)

Furthermore, cassia chamaecrista is effective at relieving nausea and queasiness, helping to settle the stomach.


Usually eaten as a dessert, rhubarb is an unusually shaped plant with a very sour pulpy flesh.

Rhubarb has a beneficial effect upon digestive bacteria colonies, helping to protect the balance between good and bad bacteria and therefore support overall gut health. (27)

It can also help reduce bloating and cramps due to its laxative effect. (28)

Side Effects

Flat Tummy Tea uses all natural ingredients which promote gentle effects without any strong stimulants.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience any side effects.

Some of the reported reactions to Flat Tummy Tea are: diarrhea, headaches, gas, cramps and needing the bathroom more frequently.

Flat Tummy Tea uses many ingredients with diuretic effects. Therefore it is important to ensure you drink water regularly to avoid dehydration.

Recommended Dosage

The Flat Tummy Tea plan requires you to drink their ‘activate’ tea blend in the morning with breakfast, and their slightly different ‘cleanse’ blend before bed every other night.


Flat Tummy Tea is a detox and weight loss program designed to help users reduce bloating, lose weight and increase energy levels by cleansing and stimulating the body.

The plan is available in a 2 or 4 week duration, and requires daily and bi-nightly consumption of an all natural blend of ingredients. All of which have been clinically proven to have beneficial effects on health and weight loss.

The only downside to Flat Tummy Tea is that is does contain large quantities of diuretic ingredients, which means there is a risk of dehydration if you do not drink enough water.

Also, there is the potential for stomach upsets and frequent bathroom trips when you first start using this product.

Overall, we believe that Flat Tummy Tea is a good short term solution to help you kickstart a new healthy regime or weight loss program.

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