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Fat Diminisher review: can this book based diet plan teach you how to lose weight fast?



Fat Diminisher

Fat Diminisher is a diet program created by Wes Virgin. It is a set of four online guides which gives exact instructions for those wanting to learn how to lose weight fast.

Rather than provide supplements, Fat Diminisher is completely based around reading the book and following its instructions closely to obtain results.

In this review, Fat Diminisher and the science behind it will be examined to see if it is really able to work effectively.


What is Fat Diminisher System?

Fat Diminisher is a set of e-manuals developed by Wesley Virgin. It claims to provide the secrets of losing weight fast, plus resetting the body’s metabolism and health.

How does Fat Diminisher work?

Fat Diminisher is a diet plan detailed in four separate electronic books. It is based on the principles of following a specific eating formula which will result in a healthier body and rapid weight loss.

Who should use Fat Diminisher?

Fat Diminisher is designed for people looking to slim down quickly through changes in diet and also sustain their weight loss. It is based on changing eating habits to form healthy ones, which result in a healthier body.

How much does Fat Diminisher cost?

Fat Diminisher is not currently available for purchase. Previously it was sold as a PDF download on Amazon.

Is Fat Diminisher paleo/keto friendly?

The Fat Diminisher diet includes a wide range of various foods, but it is not suitable for paleo or keto based diets..

Does Fat Diminisher offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

Fat Diminisher involves eating high quality protein. However, we were unable to verify if the ingredients list can be adapted for a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Does Fat Diminisher cater to food allergies and intolerances?

Because Fat Diminisher is a guide for eating and not an exact plan, it can accommodate some food allergies.

Is Fat Diminisher a fad?

Fad diets are based on losing weight quickly with minimal effort. Fat Diminisher does market itself for helping users lose weight quickly. However, it does still require discipline and sustainable dietary changes.

Is Fat Diminisher safe?

Yes, Fat Diminisher is safe, however it does promote rapid weight loss. It is important to use caution when starting any diet plan and consult a physician to ensure it is a good choice for weight loss.

Where to buy Fat Diminisher?

At this present time, we were unable to find Fat Diminisher for purchase. However, typically it is found on Amazon in a PDF/e-book format.

Does Fat Diminisher really work?

Fat Diminisher focuses on eating whole, healthy foods to lose weight very rapidly. However, precise details of the system are not available, therefore it is difficult to establish if it will really work as well as it claims.

How long does it take to see results using Fat Diminisher?

Because Fat Diminisher requires discipline and users to closely follow the diet plan, there is no set time frame for results. That said, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

Are there any alternatives to Fat Diminisher ?

There are many alternatives to Fat Diminisher. Two book-based diet plans include: The Plant Based Solution, by Joel K. Khan, and Dirty Genes, by Dr. Ben Lynch.


Fat Diminisher is a book-based diet system, which makes it easy to follow. It claims to provide insights into how to reach weight loss goals and evade common mistakes made during dieting.

It also promotes positive lifestyle changes in diet. Fat Diminisher does not promise a fast, quick solution to weight loss, but instead is a full plan for eating healthy to lose weight and stay healthy.

Fat Diminisher is copyrighted, therefore information is limited surrounding exact specifics of the plan. However, a basis for how it works is easily accessible.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet is challenging in a world where fast food is constantly available. With so many convenient options and claims surrounding so called “health foods,” knowing what to eat is difficult.

Fat Diminisher offers a book-based solution to the challenges of knowing what to eat to be healthy.

It’s based around the idea that a sustainable lifestyle change is the key solution for losing weight and keeping it off.

It promotes clean eating concepts. Consuming protein to help build muscle mass, as well as including healthy vegetables, good fats, and carbohydrates.

By following the diet plan outlined in Fat Diminisher, not only is weight loss a potential, but lifestyle habits change for the better.

Resets the Body

The author bases his diet structure around the notion of metabolic acidosis and pH balances.

For anyone who can’t remember the science lecture, the middle ground or the neutral status of pH levels sits at number seven on a scale of up to fourteen. This is considered where healthy body levels need to be.

If you are lower than this benchmark it means you have too much acid in your body.

Metabolic acidosis is a condition caused by the buildup of acid in the body. This is where kidneys become unbalanced and don’t work quite as they should. (1)

The kidneys are responsible for purifying the body and regulating the ph balance. If they are unable to clear it, then the body becomes too acidic which in extreme cases can cause dizziness, fatigue, lack of hunger, headaches, and increased heart rate. (2)

Fat Diminisher claims to be able to correct metabolic acidosis using its special diet plan, which would reset the body balance.

The exact details of how Fat Diminisher accomplishes this goal is not available, however, the science behind metabolic acidosis states that it can be corrected using alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables. (3)

What’s Included

The system includes four different PDF books which describes exactly how to follow this diet plan.

The main e-manual is called the quick start guide. However, also included is the four minute belly workout, the truth about veggies, plus the most powerful sex foods and stimulants.  

Because the system is not currently readily accessible, exact details of the diet plan are not known. However, the basic guidelines are as follows:

Fat Diminisher Ingredients

Fat Diminisher bases its structure around eating specific types of foods to reach weight loss and health goals. While Fat Diminisher includes foods from a variety of food groups, it focuses on eating according to a strict formula to promote weight loss.

In order to obtain the exact plan for weight loss, it is necessary to purchase Fat Diminisher. However, the general outline is available and it puts emphasis on eating the following food groups:


High quality protein is encouraged, which includes chicken, fish and other seafood. The goal of eating this macro is to assist the body in building and retaining muscle. Initially, red meat is not included but is added back into the diet in later phases.

Protein offers the added benefit of helping the stomach feel satiated for longer periods, This reduces the temptation of snacking which often happens between meals during restrictive diets. (4)

Healthy Fats

The system also involves eating healthy fats, like avocados, and increasing vitamin and mineral intake. The program is very focused on making sure the body gets the correct nutrients.

Healthy fats combined with protein provide a dietary combination that makes meals feel more satisfying while providing the brain with healthy energy. (5)


Carbohydrates are the biological fuel source and on this plan they are encouraged to ensure both the body and the brain has power.

The types of carbohydrates which are the focus of Fat Diminisher include alkaline fruits and vegetables.

Alkaline foods also work to correct the body’s acid levels whilst also providing vitamins and minerals for valuable nutritional support. (6)

Side Effects

There are no direct side effects as such for Fat Diminisher however one goal of the system is to lose weight quickly.

Fast weight loss has its own set of side effects. These include having difficulty maintaining goal weight, loss of muscle mass, nutrient deficiency plus a lowered metabolism. (7,8)

Rapid weight loss can also result in lower energy levels, dehydration, constipation or diarrhea, irritability, muscle cramps, and feeling cold. (9,10)

There are also studies that show that initially, weight can be lost quickly and then slows down as the diet progresses. This means that a diet can show initial fast results, but can become frustrating and slow down as time goes on. (11)

Changes in diet can also cause digestive distress. Constipation or diarrhea may be problematic at first until the body gets used to the new foods and other unhealthy foods are removed from regular eating habits. (12)


Fat Diminisher is an electronic book based diet plan that claims to be able to reset the body, create a healthier lifestyle, and help people lose weight fast.

Because it is not currently available for purchase and the contents are copyrighted, the precise mechanisms for the approach have proven difficult to verify.

Based on the information available, it is possible Fat Diminisher could deliver on its promises.

However, losing weight rapidly goes against what many experts suggest and can be deemed as unhealthy. Therefore it is important to take this into consideration before beginning this program.

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