EvolvHealth Review — Is it s a scam?

EvolvHealth is an MLM specializing in a nutritional product niche.

Most of these network marketing programs are all about finding people who are looking to make money. Very few offer distributors to be involved in something “bigger than themselves”.

Evolv does.

Trey White founded the company back in 2009 to change as many lives as possible. On the one hand, the products are made to help anyone, from average joe to top athlete, to perform better through the power of nutrition.

On the other hand, the company has a goal to help eradicate childhood malnutrition.

Reps of this brand can sell products knowing that they’ll help both the customer as well as those who may not be able to afford to get the basic nutrients to live a healthy life. Not a bad gig. 


This company is a mix of some food products (similar to Javita), as well as nutritional supplements to improve performance (more like Nature’s Sunshine).

Evolvhealth has both individual products as well as packages available that include a mix of several of their items that will be sent regularly.

One of these subscription-style boxes is call the “Reboot Kit”.

It’s a 28-day supply of several products that will regularly be shipped to customers. Most of the products are geared to help consumers lose weight, burn fat and boost their immune systems.

LifeBar is the star of the Evolv show. They even call it the cornerstone product of the Reboot program. It was created through research and formulated scientifically to aid in the fat burning process. There are two flavors; dark chocolate and blueberry pomegranate.

With a simple name called “daily”, it makes sense that it would be a supplement that someone takes regularly. It’s made from whole foods specifically to help support a healthy gut.

Immun is another supplement that is formulated to help your immune system be as strong as it can be. According to the MLM’s site, it’s “a proprietary concentration of the most immune-activating Acemannan fractions from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe vera plant”.

The simple names continue with “Shake”. Give you one guess as to what it is. But unlike slim-fast, this shake is built for both weight loss and muscle-building.

Some of the products get you pumped up, some get you slimmed down, and “Fix” gets you mellowed out. This pink drink is made to reduce stress and improve mental clarity. It can also help you fight off those cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Fuel is an energy drink that Evolv promises not to cause a “crash” or “jitters”. Just natural energy from a decent-tasting powder drink mix.

After those hard workouts, you’re going to have some sore muscles. “Limitless” is a supplement in capsule form that is “a proprietary concentration of betalains from pure beet root extract to help the body support joint comfort and flexibility”.

There are a few other products, and the company does seem very “cutting edge” when it comes to pumping out new stuff for their distributors.

Probably the most interesting concept with EvolvHealth are the “product packs” available. Similar to the subscription of the Reboot Kit, there are three monthly supply packs of three varying levels.

There is the “Core Essentials”, “Core Life”, and “Core Complete” packs with a range from a couple of supplements all the way to supplements, bars, and drink mixes.

One of the most awesome things about Evolv is the commitment to malnourished kids.

Every product that is sold promises a certain amount of “servings donated”. For instance, with every Reboot Kit sold; EvolvHealth makes sure to donate 140 servings for healthy food to children in need. You won’t find too many MLMs that are this benevolent.

Compensation Plan

The comp plan for this company is one of the most clearly laid out we’ve seen in the MLM game.

It’s still got all the usual terms, but it’s not as convoluted as you’d normally see from network marketing. Each level has a section that clearly says “How to Qualify” with every requirement to hit the described level.

There are 15 levels total including; 3 levels of “promoter” all the way to what Evolv calls “H.O.P.E. Crown Ambassador”.

A potential problem may be the earning cap for the first six levels. From the first promoter level to Emerald, there is a cap (from $500-$8000/mo). All levels after this are unlimited and based on your volume and bonuses.

To get started you’ll have to purchase what’s called a “Social Business Kit”. This will include a personal website for your use that allows you to have a “backend” that will keep track of your downlines and progress and you run your new business.

The fee for the business kit is $79.


EvolvHealth may turn some heads.

The clear comp plan, proprietary (scientifically-developed) products, and the awesome cause of feeding kids will make anyone looking for a business opportunity to stop and think.

While the compensation may be easy to understand, it’s not that much different than the age-old model used by most other MLMs. The earning cap for the first several levels may turn away some who understand that most never make it past the first few levels in an organization built around network marketing.

That said, if you are set on this business model and want to feel good about every product you sell, EvolvHealth can do that twice over. You’ll be helping people lose weight and be healthier while simultaneously helping kids eat better, too.


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