Essante Organics Review — Is it a scam?

Essante Organics is an MLM company that has operated in the health & wellness space since its inception in 2009.  Their mission is to “eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time”.

Michael Wenniger is the founder and CEO of Essante Organics. He has a proven track record in both the network marketing and wellness industry. Prior to founding Essante Organics, he ran a company called “Fun Unlimited”.

The company is headquartered in Arizona.


All of Essante Organics’ products are 100% certified toxic-free and organic. This is consistent with their mission to eliminate toxins from people’s lives and to protect the environment while doing so.

On their company page, Essante Organics talks about the dangers of generic wellness products. They talk about the toxins that these generic products often contain and how, even if they don’t directly enter the body, they can seep into your skin. There is a lot of truth in this and future scientific research will likely support these claims.

The line of goods at Morinda is seemingly a bit more robust.

Their diverse product offerings fall into the following categories: Body & Spa, Home Care & Outdoor Living, Baby Care, PH Nutrition, Essentials Oils, and Tools & Apparel.

Body care products include deodorant, body soap, and tanning lotion. Reviews seem to be favourable for the most part, mostly acknowledging the products’ performance. Facial care products include lip balms, moisturizer, and anti-aging items.

They also sell a shampoo and conditioner that claims to keep hair follicles clean, functioning and healthy. Their toothpaste contains organic stevia, which is recommended by dentists.

Essante Organics sells a hand soap called “Handy Candy” which contains moisturizing and anti-aging properties. They also sell a dish, bug spray, and what they call a laundry liquid (substitute for detergent).

In the baby care department, they sell a baby lotion and a soap & shampoo (both accompanied by very positive reviews).

Additionally, Essante offers some different dissolvable supplements, including a chocolate protein powder. One of these supplements is called “Super Reds”, which contains the “nutrition of 5.5 lbs. of superfruits in every scoop”. This is supposed to support energy, immunity, and counteract stress. They also have an “Earth Greens” mix that supports alkalinity and metabolism.

Some of the pills they offer include calcium, omega (3,6,9), and vitamin D3.

They also offer two lollipop products called “Power-pops” (to suppress appetite and energize) and “Kidspops” (containing essential vitamins). They claim to have sold over 40 million power-pops.

For another food MLM in the consumable space, you could look at Javita.

All of the products on the website have a very detailed description of their ingredients. Every product has two sections called “enjoy the good” and “avoid the bad” to outline the good ingredients that the products contain and the bad ingredients that they avoid, respectively. They even go into deep-dives on their products for customers seeking more info.

For the most part, the products have great reviews. People seem to be drawn to the idea of eliminating toxins from their everyday products, but most of the reviews actually laud the performance of the products. It’s fair to assume that these products work.

Compensation Plan

Essante Organics tells potential marketers that they can expect to work only 7-10 hours per week, and gain both financial and time freedom. The payments made to their representatives are divided into 6 different buckets.

The first method is simply commissions on retail sales. You will send your customers to your own website under the Essante Organics domain, and whenever they make a purchase from your site, you will receive a 30% commission.

You will also receive $50-$100 for every new representative who you sponsor. They call this the enroller bonus. Furthermore, they award an “express start gold bonus” of $500 if you can enrol 4 people beneath you and help each of them enrol 2 more (within 30 days of signing on).

They also offer an “endless team bonus” which is a monthly residual income based on the number of representatives you bring on beneath you. They suggest that as you sponsor two marketers beneath you, each of them will sponsor two more and it will snowball over time. You get paid based on the number of people beneath you, independent of their output.

As per their earnings chart, it will take 128 reps beneath you to earn $952 per month, and 512 until you can earn $3,832 per month (average U.S. income). Potential monthly earnings reach $122,872 per month when you have over 16,000 marketers beneath you.

Additionally, they offer a 100% matching bonus. If you’re able to bring on 5 individuals who each reach $5,000 per month in the endless team bonus, you will receive a monthly payment matching the sum of their earnings totalling $25,000 per month.

The monthly earnings potential is certainly intriguing, but it seems a bit unrealistic to meet their expectations and make this a legitimate substitute income. The most successful marketers will be the ones who are able to train their representatives well and encourage them to build their businesses aggressively also.

It’s interesting that they don’t take each representative’s actual dollar output into consideration. It encourages people to plateau at the minimum monthly output and instead grow the number of people on their team.

This opportunity certainly seems as if it will pay well over the long term, but getting to the point where this could supplement a monthly income will definitely take time and patience.


Essante Organics is an established company with the ability to support their aggressive plans for growth.  

They sell great products as evidenced by their positive reviews, and it seems as if they have even more room to expand on their offerings.

Overall, this is a good opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs who believe in the efficacy of the products and the company’s vision.


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