DoTerra Review — Is it a scam?

DoTerra is a wildly popular essential oil MLM that earns the number one spot on our top 25 MLMs.

Many MLM companies seem to be started as merely a means to make money, but DoTerra was started by a small selection of healthcare professionals with the ultimate intention of embracing the natural healing effects of essential oils.

The name comes from Latin meaning, “Gift of the Earth,” and is the focus on the company. The high quality essential oils are sold by independent sellers that build a team beneath them and profit is made from the monthly subscription of the sellers along with their team.


Essentia oils can be derived from most natural resources and the healing properties have been known for thousands of years. Other companies have put their name in the ring by offering oils as an additional product (like Youngevity), but Doterra does it better.

The difference found with DoTerra when compared to other essential oil companies (even like Young Living) is the potency of this brand. They only allow for the purest form of essential oils to make the cut to become part of their line.

That means that the oils are able to last far longer than other brands and provide much more healing opportunities. In addition to their highly potent essential oil line DoTerra also offers a wide range of home, health, and wellness products to improve life. Here are just a few of the many products offered by the company.

Laundry detergent is not a product that most people would think of coming from an essential oil company such as DoTerra, but they do.

Thee OnGuard laundry detergent is not like the standard detergent found in your local stores. It is 6 times concentrated and therefore much more potent than any store-bought product.

The 32-oz container can wash up to 64 standard loads of laundry and can even be used as an intensive stain remover by placing a small amount directly on the stain and allowing it to soak in.

Respiratory issues occur in many people and for a wide range of reasons. It can be a helpless feeling when you struggle to breathe, but DoTerra has an essential oil designed to help airways open up naturally.

The product is called breathe and although it is available in the standard essential oil bottle, it has also been made into respiratory drops for convenience. These drops use the same mixture of essential oils, but can be taken along with you wherever you go just like standard cough drops.

Their minty flavor opens up the airways allowing you to breathe freely.

Supplements are available from DoTerra within their long list of products and one of the most popular ones within their lineup is the DoTerra Greens.

It is not always convenient or even possible to get all of the essential fruits and vegetables throughout the day, but DoTerra Greens assists by allowing you to mix this highly beneficial mixture of fruits and vegetables into any liquid and get the nutrients needed for the day.

The blend supports digestion, improves immunities, helps with weight management, and is even vegan friendly.

DoTerra offers a range of products that work to improve customer’s lives and that includes allowing them a bit of relaxation. The Serenity Calming Bath Bar is formulated from the Serenity Essentia Oil line and is an enticing blend of lavender, Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang.

The conditioning agent within the soap moisturizes the body in the bath while the essential oils allow the stresses from the day to melt away. This bath bar is perfect for anyone looking to destress but without the time to head out for a day at the spa.

One of the largest problems people have with losing weight is the constant need to find something to snack on.

Gum can help with cravings, but it can only take you so far. The solution is to not simply have something to chew in your mouth, but find something beneficial to the body in the gum. DoTerra Slim and Sassy Metabolic gum is the solution you have been waiting for.

The selection of essential oils gives you the ability to fight off cravings and finally help you achieve your fitness goals.

Compensation Plan

The goa of DoTerra is to educate the world on what essential oils can do for them. Like with any MLM company, DoTerra works on a system in which sellers sell the products and make a commission off of the sale.

The seller is ranged according to how much they sell in a single month with the starting pay rate at 5%. It sounds like a small amount, but much of the products within the company are based on a subscription in which the seller receives a check monthly for their sales.

Bonuses are offered as well depending on the number of sales each month and the seller is able to climb up in the rankings and build a team beneath them.


The compensation plan for DoTerra is a bit confusing and is certainly very extensive.

There is a real chance to make money within the company, but it is something that the seller must work toward. Selling DoTerra would more than likely be a full-time job and therefore, if you are looking for something part time it probably is not the best option.

There is a significant amount of money to be made within the company as many people are turning away from traditional pharmaceutical drugs and back to the basics of what it is to heal our own bodies. As with any MLM company, it is best to start off slow and do your research in order to minimize the risk of losing a significant amount of money.


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