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Scentsy Review — Is it a scam?

Scentsy is a candle and fragrance MLM that sells tarts, warmers, and other nice smelling items.

The company was launched in 2004 by Orville Thompson and Heid Thompson. Since its birth, the company has grown substantially, allowing for it to offer the Scentsy Family Foundation in 2009, an organization which offers philanthropic support with scholarships totaling $8 mil (USD) as of this writing.

Essentially a fragrance supply M2M company focused on aromatherapy.

Scentsy offers aroma products and makes no claims of boosting a person’s health and wellbeing. Continue reading

Take Shape for Life Review — Is it a scam?

Take Shape for Life is a weight loss program MLM with full meals (kind of like NutriSystem).

Some direct sales companies seem to be founded by no name individuals simply looking to make money.

Sometimes however, a company comes along that is founded by an individual that is an expert in their individual field. Such is the case of Take Shape for Life.

The company was founded by Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson and has been helping people feel and look better since 1980. The company prides itself on its trilogy to total health which involves a healthy body, healthy finances, and a healthy mind (another MLM that does this well is Total Life Changes). Continue reading

Sisel Review — Is it a scam?

Sisel is an MLM primarily in the health and drink mix niche.

Although Sisel is not the oldest company, only being founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Sr., it is among the most recognizable of many direct marketing companies.

The strange name that is pronounced sizzle is actually an acronym to remember what the company stands for, science, innovation, success, energy, and longevity. The company prides itself on producing innovative products and distributing those products through sellers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Sisel has been around for just over a decade without any real negatives being brought to the company, so they are obviously doing something right. But whether or not that will help  you make money is the real issue at hand.

The company does have a decent range of products, but no programs like other companies (e.g. Take Shape for Life). Continue reading

Total Life Changes Review — Is it a scam?

Total Life Changes is an MLM that has a wide range of health and home products.

Total Life Changes (otherwise known as Healthy Haven) markets themselves and their products as a total life change or TLC system for short.

That means that they focus their attention on building up people through their products to achieve their ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Jack Fallon is the founder of Healthy Haven and claims that his intentions will always focus on building a sense of family within the company and looks to change the MLM industry for the better. They are doing that through their work ethics and products. Continue reading

Trevo Review — Is it a scam?

Trevo is a health and wellness MLM that promises to be quite different.

They have marketed themselves as passionate about health and wellness without a variety of products. Most direct marketing companies have a variety of different products that they sell with an idea that you will make money quickly and without any issue.

The problem with these claims is that they are not always true.  They merely rely on one product to get their message across for total financial freedom.

Trevo is a global based company that has base operations in 27 countries throughout the world. Throughout the process, the seller has access to help from other clients within the company which is an extreme bonus when compared to other MLM companies that seem to be closed off to their sellers. Continue reading

Valentus Review — Is it a scam?

Valentus is an MLM that specializes in health and wellness products.

The name of the company means prevail and the products are said to help the user prevail over any obstacle to reach their ultimate goal of a healthy body.

The founder, Dave Jordan claims that he is not just the front man, but is also an avid user of all products. Valentus is one of many health and wellness MLMs in existence and their products seem to be mixes the person is to mix with water.

When working with any MLM it is best to determine the validity of the company through their reputation as well as the disclaimers they place on their websites.

Some companies are a bit sketchy and tend to hold back the disclaimer and merely place it in small difficult to read print at the very bottom of the page where no one is likely to look for it. This should be a red flag for anyone looking into the company as they seem to want to hide their disclaimer from customer view.

Valentus is a little different in that respect. Continue reading

Visalus Review — Is it a scam?

Visalus is a three-tier style MLM with products based off of life, health and prosperity.

Like many MLM companies, the focus is on health related products and the ability to “share” the experience with others.

The company was founded by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, and Nick Sarnicola and has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry since 2010. The company has gained momentum with celebrity endorsements, such as Britany Spears in Women’s Health, and testimonials.

Visalus is a fast growing and fast paced community focusing on the health, life, and well-being of those which are involved. The company goes so far as to have  a child’s program to promote fitness and minimize childhood obesity. Continue reading

USANA Review — Is it a scam?

USANA is an MLM in the nutrition and wellness niche that is very popular among famous doctors.

This is a company that claims that their products can repair the body on a cellular level. The whole this was founded in West Valley, UT by Myron W. Wentz PhD.

It has been the mission of USANA to provide health related products to the general public with more of a focus on educating teens and children on how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

Their products are formulated with “Celligence Technology” and are primarily designed to spark a person’s ability to become healthier. Continue reading

It Works! Review — Is it a scam?

It Works! is a health and wellness MLM focusing on the weight loss niche.

Whenever we see a company that has validation in their name, we get a bit apprehensive. Our thought is that, if the product is valid, then there is no need to have a big sign stating such, the product will speak for itself.

So, when looking at It Works! Red flags were already going off. However, upon giving it a thorough review this is what we found.

The company was founded in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost.

The two started the Ultimate Body Applicator after a successful home business in telemarketing networking. Mark and Cindy are not the creators of Ultimate Body Applicator, that belongs to Luis Mijares. Luis Mijares is internationally known as a herbalist and a university educator on phytotherapy.

Since its birth in 2001, the company has grown substantially as well as added new products. Headquarters have been built twice to compensate for growth, with the latest headquarters being completed in 2014. Continue reading

Truvision Review — Is it a scam?

TruVision is one of the largest health and wellness MLM companies around today.

Most of the general public has at least heard of the name and many of them have invested in either the company itself or at the very least, had some form of contact with the products they offer. Founding partner David Brown has done well to market the company toward the public.

There is a clear and concise plan as to how distributors can make money.

Some MLM companies make a great effort to expand their horizons in an effort to take in more profit. TruVision works a little differently as they have found their niche and are sticking with it. They are all about bringing good health to individuals the world over. Continue reading