Bode Pro Review — Is it a scam?

Bode Pro is a health MLM with a few drink-based products to boost productivity, focus and energy. They self identify as a start up tech company and focus on using technology.

They feature an app to help their distributors capitalize on social media by turning followers into paying customers. This app helps to scale your business while taking care of the things you may not be familiar with such as sales funnels and product fulfillment.

With one of the weirder compensation plans, there are definitely some unique things about this opportunity.

If you’re looking for something that still focuses on a drink product, but has a little more to offer—take a look at our Xango review.


There are only two products (at the time of this post) that are available from the company. It seems like, at one point, they had a lot more. Not sure what happened, but we’ll go over the two that are on their site.

First up, we have Bode Happy.

Definitely the flagship product that you’ll want to explore. It’s a drink mix that is said to help users in three distinct ways If you have any luck signing up customers and distributors underneath—it’s this one that will likely attract people.

Both products are geared toward working women.

Happy promises to promote productivity, focus, alertness and support cognitive function, while increasing one’s energy. Of course, none of those statements are backed by the FDA. There are some products that do have clinical data, this isn’t one of them.

Juice Plus is another drink product that’s a bit more well known.

That said, there is quite a bit of information about their products available online. Many MLMs will just give you a paragraph at best. Even if they have a flashy picture, the data is not worth much.

For Happy, the company has a separate downloadable PDF.

It’s actually a three-in-one drink that contains nootropics to support mental clarity, focus, alertness, and other cognitive functions. Happy is also an energy supplement that has 125 milligrams of natural caffeine. Lastly, there are nutrients said to help your hair, skin and nails.

According to the site, the target audience is as follows:

Bod•ē Happy is intended for individuals who are seeking a convenient and results-driven product that promotes mental clarity and focus while giving you a natural energy boost.

The other half of their product line is called Bode Strong.

Another drink mix, but with some unique benefits. It’s an “ultra-premium nutritional supplement” packed with vitamins and nutrients. This one is caffeine-free and touts four benefits that should influence those who like to look their best.

There are anti-aging elements and immune boosters that help fight free radicals. Strong will also help you maintain healthy eyes, teeth and gums while support your collagen production.

Here’s the PDF to that one if you want to do a little further research.

Who are you targeting with this one? Here’s what the site says:

Bod•ē Strong is perfect for individuals of all ages that desire an ultra-premium supplement on-the-go and are interested in vitality and building a strong nutritional foundation for overall well-being.* Bod•ē Strong is non-carbonated, contains no ca eine, and has 5g of sugar. With a refreshing fruit avor, Bod•ē Strong o ers a convenient and delicious way to get the nutrients your body needs.

Very soon the company plans to introduced a pre-mixed version of their beverages and offer them in aluminum cans. Could be a better selling point than telling everyone you have to buy a box of powder and mix it up yourself.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan starts out a bit odd and ends up ok. The weird part is that you have to be a customer before you can be a representative.

In fact, there isn’t a way to skip this step.

Everyone starts out as a customer and can’t become, what Bode Pro calls an “Influencer”, until you have referred at least one client. Once that is done, you’re free to start a business with them. This also “unlocks” four things:

1. Retail profit of 15% for the one customer sale.

2. Get a 25% discount on all personal purchases while you maintain at least one customer.

3. Bode Happy can be free the following month you sign up with the “Get Happy Program.”

4. Earn a rank advancement bonus of $5.

Basically, you can’t be called a distributor here until you actually start signing people up under you. We get the need to test serious commitment, but this is definitely a unique way to do it.

Once you get two customers, you’ll make more retail profit (20%) and then four customers will get you a 25% profit.

Commissions start at 150 PV/mo (that’s the platinum level). It’d goes all the way to 3-star platinum. A the beginning of the commission structure, you’ll get 5% for 3 levels. At the end you get 5% for 7 levels. Not bad considering most companies lower the percentage as you get higher in the program.

It’s not a bad comp plan, but could throw you off with the price of entry being to sign up a customer without an official business with the company yet.


Only having two products could be a good thing or a bad thing. It is (seemingly) geared toward female customers, too. The compensation plan seems more than fair, but also requires you to bring them a customer as proof of your desire to build a business with them.

There are other MLMs that have a simpler sign up process and more products, but if you want to be a customer and find out you like what they’re selling—Bode Pro could be for you.




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