Forever Green Review — Is it a scam?

Forever Green is a nutrition, supplement and weight management MLM based in nearly 40 countries across the globe (a bit like OmniLife).

Other network marketing companies allow international distributors and may even have offices in other countries, but few have the scope of this one. The nutrition niche is exploding in latin countries and that Forever Green seems to be ready to capitalize on it.

Some of their international setups include Spain, Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama, Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Brazil, and more just in the Spanish-speaking world.

Ron Williams started the company back in 2004 and still heads it up today.

Humble beginnings and patience have made it a big player in the worldwide health and wellness category. Continue reading

Nuriche Review — Is it a scam?

Nuriche is a health and wellness MLM that produces unique blends of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds formulated for convenient consumption.

There are two lines, LIVE and ReVIVE both designed to deliver the best health benefits and improve the body’s performance.

Founded in 2008 by David Parker, Michael Mansfield, Be Tyler, Ron Heaps, Phil Sykes, Meagen Bunten, Brett Barrett, and Joe Ware. This team is committed to nutrition and network marketing.

The formulator of Nuriche, Uri Lebaron, has taken the Nuriche formulas and renamed them under the brand Rezealiant. Uri rebranded the product line back in February 2014. Same products, just with different names. Continue reading

Amway Review – Is it a scam?

Amway is an MLM Giant that has it’s hand in nutrition, bath & body, home goods, and more.

The company was founded over 55 years ago by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Their first product was an Earth friendly, biodegradable, concentrated cleaning product. But the business model was founded on relationships.

With over 3 million people all over the world, Amway is the largest direct selling organization. Amway may not have invented direct selling or multilevel marketing. Through early adoption of this business model, they are the worldwide network marketing leader.

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Lifeplus Review – Is it a scam?

Lifeplus identifies itself as a community dedicated to helping people feel good. This is accomplished through their products as well as their network marketing opportunity or referral marketing.

Lifeplus was founded in 1992 by Bob Lemon. Dr Dwight McKee joined as chief formulator in 2001 contributing decades of research and clinical medicine background to R&D and the entire organization.

With a goal to help people feel healthier and happier, Lifeplus believes that staying active, improved state of mind, in addition to eating well and Nutritional Supplementation is what sets this community apart from other network marketing companies in the health and wellness industry. Continue reading

Forever Living Review — Is it a scam?

Forever Living is an MLM focusing in the skincare niche using the power of aloe.

Founded in 1978 in Scottsdale Arizona by Rex Maughan, the company promotes health and wellness products that have been specially formulated.

Through vertical integration, Forever living is not only able to control the quality of their aloe, they are also able to control costs. This benefits the consumer as well as the business owners.

The Business opportunity as well as what Forever Living describes as Incentives and bonuses has been reported to have changed millions of lives. Continue reading

IDLife Review — Is it a scam?

IDLife is a health and wellness MLM with an extensive line of products.

Logan Stout (the founder and CEO) has set out to create the wellness company of the next generation. Using excellent products created by top scientists in order to help those “individuals committed to healthier lives on smarter paths”.

Using a little bit of a different approach, this network marketing company may offer a better opportunity for those who are genuinely looking to help others while making some extra cash.

IDLife has quality products created using the top scientific knowledge and processes, but that has become expected in today’s market. Where this company stands out is in guidance. There are tailor made plans for everyone who signs up to use the products.

That’s very different from most other MLMs we’ve reviewed.

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Kyani Review — Is it a scam?

Kyani is an MLM in both the body product and supplement niche.

The company was started in 2007 by a group of business leaders and scientists who came together to use both of their unique abilities and create one network marketing venture.

Splitting the products into two wildly different categories may throw some off, but others may enjoy the diversity when they’re selling directly to customers and trying to find distributors to sign up under them and increase their downline. Continue reading

EvolvHealth Review — Is it s a scam?

EvolvHealth is an MLM specializing in a nutritional product niche.

Most of these network marketing programs are all about finding people who are looking to make money. Very few offer distributors to be involved in something “bigger than themselves”.

Evolv does.

Trey White founded the company back in 2009 to change as many lives as possible. On the one hand, the products are made to help anyone, from average joe to top athlete, to perform better through the power of nutrition.

On the other hand, the company has a goal to help eradicate childhood malnutrition.

Reps of this brand can sell products knowing that they’ll help both the customer as well as those who may not be able to afford to get the basic nutrients to live a healthy life. Not a bad gig.  Continue reading

Essante Organics Review — Is it a scam?

Essante Organics is an MLM company that has operated in the health & wellness space since its inception in 2009.  Their mission is to “eliminate toxins from everyone’s life, one household at a time”.

Michael Wenniger is the founder and CEO of Essante Organics. He has a proven track record in both the network marketing and wellness industry. Prior to founding Essante Organics, he ran a company called “Fun Unlimited”.

The company is headquartered in Arizona. Continue reading

Herbalife Review — Is it a scam?

Herbalife is an MLM company that specializes in nutrition and weight management products. An entrepreneur named Mark Hughes founded it in 1980.

Headquartered in sunny Los Angeles, California, it’s one of the largest MLM companies in the world with a market value of approximately $5.49 billion and posted revenues of around $4.5 billion in 2015.

Herbalife employs thousands of independent distributors from all around the globe to promote their products. Continue reading