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Rankings: best MLM companies of 2020



Welcome to our MLM list (updated for 2020).

Here are the best MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunities of 2020. All based off of our reviews, market trends, and the ability to make money for their distributors.

# 25: Kannaway

This company makes it on the list due to it’s “first to market” style. With cannabis popularity on the rise in various products, Kannaway wants to be a professional in the phytocannabinoids industry. It barely makes the list, but it could be a great opportunity since it is something everyone is talking about and they are the only MLM in the arena right now.

# 24: Arbonne

One of the many in the botanical products niche. That said, Arbonne has style and everything they sell looks good. There is also a good range of items that will help you do direct sales as well as get your network built out quickly. The average income in the comp plan is also promising with a decent amount of reps making it to the second and third levels (when compared to other MLMs).

# 23: Avon

You’ve heard of them. Avon is a double threat—one of the best known MLMs and beauty lines.

The company literally started in the 19th century (1886 to be exact). People have been making money off of the brand that long. Of course, there is a downside to network marketing companies that are older. Everyone has heard of them. But this one has the return customer appeal that makes it one of the best direct sales companies around. So there are ups and downs. It’s on the list, but it’s not higher up as others.

# 22: Empower Network

(BANKRUPT) Honestly, this company seems like they are selling stuff that teaches you how to make money online by selling stuff that teaches people to make money online. And that’s half true.

You do buy a membership into things and, in turn, try to sell those things to others. It’s essentially training and tools to help you become a network marketer. You’ll get access to a blogging too and several courses that help you out.

Then you can bring in others to do the same and earn cash.

# 21: Nu skin

Mainly skincare (get it “Nu” skin), this company has more products for your largest organ than any other that we’re aware of. They’ve begun to dabble in essential oils, but mostly it’s just creams and tightening agents.

There is surprisingly little in terms of compensation plan, it’s all one page and doesn’t offer any details in terms of how you’ll actually earn a living or side income.

# 20: Usana

Usana pushes the science angle more than other MLMs and gear their products toward athletes. There aren’t a whole lot of items available, but they are all produced and tested for maximum benefit. The company is also highly committed to helping distributors make money. There are six ways to “create the wealth you want” from direct sales and commissions to bonuses.

# 19: Nerium

Nerium has had some ups and downs, but despite legal problems, they’re still trucking. Several years ago, they would have been toward the top of this list.

You know you saw the before and after pictures on your Facebook. The comp plan is fairly generous, when you compare it to many of the others in a related industry. the company is hanging in there and may be poised for a come back.

Keep an eye on the FB feed.

# 18: Mary Kay

Drive around enough and you’ll see a light pink Cadillac with the Mary Kay logo discreetly placed. It’s a huge sign that working with this company pays off.

Probably the best known makeup MLM and some of the best known makeup period. You may be thinking that it’s saturated, but there is a bit of a gap in the market. The old guard isn’t buying makeup anymore and the younger crowd? Interested.

# 17: QNET

QNET sells everything. Watches, beauty, health, tech, even vacations. The number of products and diversity of categories can be intimidating. You may not have trouble finding a wide range of customers, but you may have trouble knowing what you sell and how to sell it.

The company is based in the U.K. and heavily gears toward that crowd. QNET even sponsors a Football (soccer) team to legitimize their brand name.

# 16: Tecademics

Tecademics offers and provides some hardcore digital marketing training programs. Most of the time, these aren’t worth looking at, but this one has gained respect even outside the MLM space. The Founder, Chris Record, started the company after doing extremely well at Empower Network (also on our list).

Empower offers their stuff a bit cheaper, but this system is an improvement made by someone who would know how.

# 15: Thirty One Gifts

Tupperware, baskets — there is always an MLM that pushes containers.

Thirty One Gifts is the 21st century version of this network marketing industry. They sell totes, organization tools, purses, wallets and things to keep your food warm (or cold). It works a bit like Pampered Chef, in that you are a “host” and you have “parties”. Great if you have a bunch of fashionable friends who have disposable cash and a need to put stuff away.

# 14: Herbalife

Herbalife is a publicly-traded company that sells supplements and drink mixes (mostly). It’s not the most original product on the market, but they make up for it in the overall legitimate feel of their business. Most of these organizations are steeped with rumors of scam, scandal, or even a lawsuit in the work. Herbalife just seems like a company that wants to help people.

The comp plan is straightforward, but not as exciting as some of our other contenders. This puts them a bit lower than they may have otherwise ended up.

# 13: Forever Living

Forever Living is one of the more philanthropic companies on our list. The company loves to give back. There are many ways in which they do this. That said, they also sell some excellent nutrition and health products. They go for a natural style (you can even buy straight honey). One of the coolest aspects is the appeal to both men and women. Usually these MLMs are geared toward ladies. That’s cool, but it alienates have of the potential customer base for distributors.

# 12: JR Watkins

Old-Timey packaging, old-timey company, competitive products. JR Watkins was forming as a almost 20 years before even Avon (circa 1868). They’re still around, but not nearly as well known as the makeup brand. They manufacture “remedies”. For health and home alike, you can find tons of sprays and creams to fill just about any mundane need.

You can become a “consultant”, but most of the money seems to be made through direct sales (35% commission on sales).

# 11: Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is to the MLM world what William Sonoma is to the local mall—a touch of class and sophistication. There are so many kitchen and home products available. All of which make the home chef and wannabes drool.

There is a similar “host” and “party” system that you may be familiar with. A host starts a party and it’s open for a specific amount of time (few days to a week or so). People order up during this time and you make money.

# 10: Scentsy

Traditional and technological candles and scents done very well. Candles tend to gain a lot of loyalty. If you’re a Yankee kind of person, that’s all you buy.

The same is true with Scentsy.

It’s kind of a cult following, but it’s not undeserved. They’ve got some great products, good positioning, and good tech that sets them apart from many others. There aren’t any other big candle MLMs and that’s because they own the market.

# 9: Advocare

Not just “another health and performance MLM”. Advocare is one of the most convincing in terms of the science of sports and health. There are eight learned doctors on their board—a mix of M.D.s and PhDs that help develop and o.k. the products that are sold via Advocare.

The company sponsors multiple sports teams and seems to have some clear guiding principles on running their business ethically for all to benefit. It’s also one of the least expensive companies to join. A very low barrier to entry to gain access to high quality products.

# 8: Amway

Ok, if you haven’t heard of Amway—this is probably your first time researching MLMs.

It’s like the Walmart of network marketing companies. That’s an analogy of scale and notoriety. There are so many products available that are well trusted and liked. The problem some see is the saturation. Everybody has an Amway rep, right?

Not really. It was almost a generation ago that Amway reached its height. Now, Millennials are settling down in their tiny houses and looking for products that are green and work. It’s really a whole new market.

# 7: Plexus

Plexus is another one of those “Facebook favorites”. A lot of ladies are pushing the “Pink drink” to all of their friends and family. Despite the annoyance-factor, it’s one of the best opportunities in the network marketing world right now.

The product line they carry is expanding rapidly (could be good or bad) and now they have a decent amount of supplements. The buzz about this brand is at a point that is a sweet spot for many. Not too crowded, but people are starting to know about it.

# 6: Young Living

Essential oils have come into the world like a health-infused hurricane and there are really two companies that control the market—especially in regards to MLMs. Young Living is one of them. Oils are available on the shelves of any big-box retailer, but people go crazy and pay 4x-10X to buy them from one another. A lot of other MLMs are trying to add oils as fast as they can.

The market makes both Young Living and Doterra (the other company) attractive. People are throwing money to experience the benefits of Jasmin and Lavender oils in their lives.

# 5: Tru Vision

There are many companies the create health products for athletes (a couple on our list). Tru Vision is far and away a front runner in terms of effectiveness and quality. The vitamins and supplements are their main offering, but they have complementary lines as well. This is one of the companies that have scrambled to offer essential oils.

It’s a line of ten oils, but they all have a health purpose (i.e. respiratory or sense benefits). While it’s geared toward their target customer, it still feels like a bandwagon play to some.

# 4: Younique

Watch out Mary Kay and Avon. Younique is a younger (like 126 years younger than Avon) and poised to take over in the market. While both of the other companies are on the list and still viable options, this is the company for the newer generations to take a hold of and run their own successful makeup company.

Younique does social media and user generated content very well and will likely continue to grow until they are on top of this  MLM niche.

# 3: Jeunesse

“Jeunesse is redefining youth” is a statement right on this company’s website. It’s true in a couple of ways. First, the product quality may be as good as those Nerium before and after pics without the ugly lawsuit. Second, Jeunesse has marketing plan that is (almost) flawlessly targeting the Millennial crowd.

Why is that big? Because people in their 30’s start worrying about wrinkles. All the other skin companies are targeting the Gen X or even Baby Boomers, but Jeunesse is right where they need to be to “redefine youth”.

# 2: Rain

Rain has to be one of the most attractive looking MLMs that we’ve seen. The only reason it’s not number one on the list is because essential oils are the hottest thing in the network marketing world right now. Rain only has five products, but all of them are made to help people function at their absolute best. The packaging is sleek the nutrition is there and the results are on their website for the world to see.

# 1: Doterra

Doterra gets our number one spot for being the best MLM. If you want to sell essential oils there are only two serious choices. The reason Doterra beats Young Living comes down to the ability to earn distributors money.

There seems to be much more support and materials available for those who are in this company than the other. The number of distributors who are making money and ranking high is really good for a network marketing company and the average income is noteworthy. You can have a business with both, but it seems like Doterra is making it happen a bit better.

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