ASEA Review – Is it a scam?

ASEA Global is a MLM company operating in the health and wellness realm.

This company officially launched in 2010 and has since grown to operate in over 25 countries. The company stands by their principles and strong value of ethics and integrity.

The unique name ASEA means “from the sea”, symbolizing rebirth and healing.

In symmetry to the meaning behind the company name, ASEA products are created to enhance cellular function within the body.


All company products are created in a state of the art production facility that is FDA registered, GMP compliant, and NSF certified.

Products are developed using a redox signaling technology. This technology recreates the body’s natural cellular messengers that help protect the body while allowing cells to function at ideal levels.

These distinctive products have created a new category in the health and wellness business sector.

Redox Supplement is an innovative beverage offered by this MLM. This product helps generate energy and activate antioxidants within the body.

Containing molecules that are native to the body, this supplement improves cellular health while promoting overall health and wellness.

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RENU 28 is a gel product that can be applied directly to the skin all over your body. This formula improved the health of your skin at the cellular level all while adding moisture and increasing smoothness.

This gentle formula is designed to work with the body’s natural processes in order to maintain healthier skin. This product is hypoallergenic and preservative free.

RENU 28 has been clinically tested by a dermatological research institute. Dermatest conducted a 28 day clinical trial that showed the product reduces eye wrinkles, increases skin smoothness and elasticity, and improves facial skin texture.

This product received Dermatest’s 5-star clinically tested seal, the highest commendation possible.

RENU Advanced Skin Care is the first and only anti-aging skin care system that uses redox technology.

This skin care system contains 4 unique products that can only be found at ASEA.

Gentle Refining Cleanser is a foaming cleanser that tones and hydrates the skin while washing away impurities. This product supports healthy cell renewal and balances the skin.

Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer visibly increases skin elasticity and firmness. This product delivers deep hydration to the skin and reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This powerful formula is designed to support redox signaling technology.

Intensive Redox Serum visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles within 30 minutes of application. Specifically designed to target the most challenging imperfections, this ultra-concentrated serum is designed to support skin renewal.

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RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel utilized redox signaling technology to support healthy skin cell renewal. This product can be used all over the body and works to increase smoothness and texture of the skin.

ASEA products are protected by multiple patents ensuring that you will not find them anywhere else.

Compensation Plan

Getting started as an ASEA Associate costs as low as $40. To remain active and stay eligible for the company compensation plan you must generate 100 personal volume (PV) every month.

Qualifying Volume (QV) you generate is yours to fulfil your PV requirements. Commissionable Volume (CV) is added to your lesser-volume leg. All together there are eight different ways to enroll as an associate. Here are a few of the earning opportunities.

First there are Retail Customer Bonuses. As an associate you purchase products at the wholesale value. You sell the products at retail price and pocket the difference. This is the most basic way to generate income with the company.

Preferred Customer bonuses are another way to earn income as an associate.

When you enroll a Preferred Customer both of you earn benefits. Your Preferred Customer will receive wholesale pricing by using the ASEA Autoship Program. You earn a $25 bonus for every 50 CV you generate.

Fast Start Bonuses can be earned as you build your personal team and enroll new associates. Every time you enroll a new associate you receive a bonus calculated based upon the total CV of the order placed during the enrollment process.

To see the potential earnings from this bonus take a look at the screenshot below.

Each bonus and commission is calculated using either the Sponsorship Tree or the Binary Tree.

The Sponsorship Tree is genealogical and grows “legs” as you enroll new associates.The Binary Tree is chronological and only has two “legs”, one for each associate. There are 12 different ranks within ASEA that you can strive to achieve, entry level Associate all the way to the prestigious Triple Diamond.

As you climb the ranks you are eligible for even more earning opportunities. To read about each rank and its qualifications click here.


This MLM is a unique company that has dominated the industry with redox signaling technology. Consumers cannot find these products anywhere else on the market.

As an added bonus, ASEA offers a money back guarantee on all products.

The company site is fairly easy to navigate and the compensation plan is easy to find and understand.

With a low start-up cost, this MLM is affordable for those looking to get involved with a company in the health and wellness realm. However, one area of concern when reading the compensation plan includes the company’s use of a binary system.

Commissions and bonuses are dependent on the performance of an associate’s weaker pay “leg”. Basically, higher performing team leaders are adversely affected by the performance of new recruits.

Overall, ASEA is a great opportunity for those looking to join an MLM.


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