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Alpha Monster Advanced Review: Does this testosterone booster deliver results?



alpha monster advanced

Alpha Monster Advanced is a supplement which increases testosterone levels and supports male health.

The totally natural formula helps you gain more muscle, feel more lively in the bedroom and achieve more at the gym.

Our review looks behind the label to let you know if Alpha Monster Advanced is the t-booster you have been searching for.


What is Alpha Monster Advanced?

Alpha Monster Advanced is a testosterone boosting supplement that supports muscle gains, increased sex drive and male health.

How to take Alpha Monster Advanced?

The recommended dose is 2 capsules either once or twice per day.

Who should use Alpha Monster Advanced?

Alpha Monster Advanced should be used by those who are suffering the effects of low testosterone, or those who feel they need help reaching their fitness goals.

How much does Alpha Monster Advanced cost?

We found Alpha Monster Advanced on Amazon for $49.97 for 60 capsules.

Is Alpha Monster Advanced legal?

Yes, Alpha Monster Advanced is legal.

Is Alpha Monster Advanced safe?

As long as you take responsibly and do not ignore the directions this product should be safe.

Where to buy Alpha Monster Advanced?

Alpha Monster Advanced seems to be available via a number of sales pages dedicated to this product. It is also available on Amazon.

Does Alpha Monster Advanced really work?

The formula has scientific support, with the exception of orchic substance. So on that basis, you should feel some benefit from its use.

Are there any Alpha Monster Advanced alternatives?

There are many test boosters to choose from if you are looking for an alternative. Popular picks are ‘Testogen’ and ‘Prime Male’.


Alpha Monster Advanced alleges the following benefits to its users:

Increased Muscle Mass

Whether you are a runner, a swimmer or a weight lifter; your progress in your chosen sport relies upon muscle mass.

Typically, as we continue to train on the field or in the gym, this type of regime results in muscle gain and faster speeds.

However, sometimes all the training sessions on earth won’t help you pack on additional muscle. This is what happens when your testosterone levels ebb away with age. (1)

Alpha Monster Advanced can help you start to see results again.

Their hormone boosting formula promises to pick your testosterone levels up from the floor and get you back on the road to progress.

Boost Sexual Performance

It is not just your physique that starts to go soft when testosterone declines, very often sex drive takes a nosedive too.

The male hormone is the most powerful driver of sexual desire, so when this dwindles, so does your concern for night time activities. (2)

It isn’t just the desire that fades though. Many men will also find that even if they have the interest, they could struggle to achieve and maintain an erection. (3,4)

Alpha Monster Advanced can help you feel like a sexual being again.

Increased testosterone is proven to upsurge your sex drive, whilst their other ingredients assist in the relief of impotence.

Improved Workouts

If you used to get to the gym, blast your workout and leave feeling on top of the world, but now feel like you are plateauing, it could be due to low t-levels.

Decreasing testosterone can negatively affect strength and exercise performance. (5)

Alpha Monster Advanced will give you the power you need, regardless of whether it’s on the treadmill or the chest press.

Support Male Health

It is an unfortunate fact of life that we become more vulnerable to health issues as we get older.

One way to avoid illness is to make sure you are taking care of yourself and providing your body with support.

A common problem for men from mid-life onwards is symptoms related to an enlarged prostate.

Alpha Monster Advanced uses ingredients which are scientifically proven to protect the prostate and help alleviate any current mild symptoms you may be experiencing.


Alpha Monster Advanced includes the following blend of ingredients in their hormone supporting formula:

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed has been a staple in traditional chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

It contains powerful plant based compounds known as ‘flavonoids’ that can support strong bones and lower blood pressure. (6,7)

In terms of male health, it is commonly used as a treatment for impotence and occasional erectile dysfunction.

When you become sexually aroused, a chemical called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) signals the muscles in the penis to relax, allowing blood to easily flow into the spongy tissue, resulting in an erection. (8)

If you have erection problems, an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) blocks cGMP and prevents the efficient inflow of blood into penile tissue. (9)

Horny goat weed contains a chemical called ‘icariin’, which effectively inhibits the negative actions of PDE5, promoting healthy erections. (10)

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is a medicinal plant that grows throughout southeast asia. It has long been used in the region in the treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Tongkat ali is great for men’s health because it stimulates the manufacture of the male hormone testosterone.

This explains why tongkat ali has been known as an effective libido booster in traditional medicine. One study discovered an 11% improvement in sex drive in individuals who took the extract over six weeks. (11)

Tongkat ali can also be beneficial for male fertility. It can improve the quality of sperm in men who take the supplement. (12)

Furthermore, tongkat ali can improve body composition by increasing lean body mass. It also reduces body fat and boosts muscle strength. (13)

Saw Palmetto

This medicinal extract is derived from the berries of the saw palmetto palm.

Saw palmetto has been used for many years as a therapeutic treatment for a range of illnesses. It contains plant sterols, flavonoids and fatty acids which are beneficial to health. (14)

This extract is particularly useful in the promotion of a healthy prostate. It is also used as a treatment for enlarged prostate or ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’ (BPH).

It is understood to have these beneficial properties due to the way it acts to prevent the manufacture of an enzyme called ‘5 alpha reductase’. This enzyme changes testosterone into another form of hormone called ‘dihydrotestosterone’ (DHT). (15)

DHT does have some important attributes to male health, but it is mostly known for the way it can contribute to the development of an enlarged prostate and diminished libido. (16)

Therefore, saw palmetto can work to restrict the action of DHT and prevent the associated health problems it causes.

Orchic Substance

This substance is derived from cattle testicles and is believed to maintain the health of the testes and hormone levels in humans.

Whilst this ingredient is commonly found in supplements that claim to support male health, we have not been able to locate any solid scientific evidence that orchic substance provides any benefits.

Wild Yam Extract

Wild yam extract has been used in traditional native american cultures as a treatment primarily for hormonal issues, as well as other complaints.

It contains a chemical known as ‘diosgenin’ that is the active ingredient behind wild yams’ benefits.

Diosgenin has been clinically proven to affect testosterone levels and the production and balancing of sex hormones. (17)

Furthermore, diosgenin can assist in the reduction of LDL “bad” cholesterol by suppressing the amount that is absorbed. This serves to improve heart health and lower the risk of heart disease or stroke. (18)

Sarsaparilla Root Extract

Sarsaparilla is a kind of prickly, climbing vine plant that grows in the caribbean and central and south america.

It also contains high levels of plant based saponins and antioxidants that are known to benefit health by protecting the immune system, defending cells from damage and inhibiting inflammation. (19,20)

Sarsaparilla is used in Alpha Monster Advanced because is has the potential to balance sex hormone levels and improve sex drive and erections.

It is thought that the saponins in sarsaparilla may mimic sex hormones which results in this effect. (21)

Nettle Extract

For those of us who have brushed against a stinging nettle plant, the sensation it punished us with will not be easily forgotten

It may come as a surprise to some that this pain inducing plant can be advantageous to our health. Once the leaves have been dried or boiled during processing, they lose their sting completely.

Nettle extract has the ability to slow down the conversion of the male hormone into dihydrotestosterone by blocking the chemical that causes this conversion to occur. (22)

Therefore, stinging nettle can prevent the loss of testosterone present in the blood.

Moreover, nettle is useful for the prevention and relief of prostate related problems. (23)


Boron is perhaps not the first mineral that springs to mind when you think about nutrition. But this mineral is one of the most important to our health.

It is required for bone density and skeletal health, and can be used to relieve arthritis pain. (24,25)

Boron is known in the bodybuilding world as a mineral that can boost muscle mass and overall strength by elevating testosterone. (26)


Calcium is most well known for its bone-based benefits. It is essential for the maintenance of strong bones, and can help to prevent osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) in later life. (27,28)

Less well known is the other health qualities calcium has to offer. Calcium plays a critical role in the mechanics of our muscles and nervous system.

Without calcium, the heart could not beat correctly. Calcium is partly responsible for the electrical impulses that travel through the nerves and direct our muscles to move. (29)

Side Effects

Even though Alpha Monster Advanced uses a natural blend of ingredients in their testosterone booster, these can still potentially cause some side effects.

The most frequently reported are: acid reflux, aggression, acne, headaches, diarrhea, mood swings, and upset stomach.

Recommended Dosage

The suggested dosage is 2 capsules, once or twice per day.


Alpha Monster Advanced is a male hormone and health supplement that says it can keep you feeling strong and ‘manly’.

The majority of the product ingredients have clinical support behind the claims of increased muscle, improved libido and general male health support.

We also like how the formula is all natural and free from synthetics, which can have harmful side effects.

Overall, if you are looking for a testosterone booster that has multiple benefits to health and performance, Alpha Monster Advanced may be a good choice.

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