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Alpha Fuel review: is this a male enhancement pill with muscle?



Alpha Fuel review

Alpha Fuel is a natural testosterone booster that promises to get you back on track when low test levels start to get you down.

Free from any nasty chemicals or synthetic hormones, Alpha Fuel aims to improve your muscle mass, boost sex drive and increase strength.

Our Alpha Fuel review will give you all you need to know about this male performance enhancer.


What is Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel is a supplement for men that promises to boost testosterone, build muscle, improve sex drive and increase strength.

How to take Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel dosage depends on your plans for the day. If you are going to be working out, take one pill in the morning, and another before your workout. If you are not exercising, just take one pill in the morning as usual.

Who should use Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel is marketed towards individuals who are getting older and may be feeling the effects of declining t-levels. It can be used by anyone who feels that their male hormone levels could do with a lift.

How much does Alpha Fuel cost?

Alpha Fuel costs $69.75 for a bottle of 30 capsules.

Is Alpha Fuel legal?

Yes, Alpha Fuel is a legal supplement, that is free of any controlled substances.

Is Alpha Fuel safe?

If used according to the directions given, Alpha Fuel should be safe to use.

Where to buy Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel can be purchased from many different websites, including Amazon.

Does Alpha Fuel really work?

Most of the ingredients in Alpha Fuel have scientific backing. However, because the formula is a proprietary blend we cannot be sure how strong the concentration of each ingredient is included.

Are there any Alpha Fuel alternatives?

There is a plethora of testosterone boosters available to choose from. The most popular currently are ‘Prime Male’ and ‘Testogen’.


No man would be a ‘man’ without testosterone. From puberty onwards, this hormone determines all male qualities, from physique and voice to sex drive and facial hair.

Alpha Fuel can help when the amount of this crucial hormone starts to naturally slow down.

It uses a blend of natural ingredients all focused upon improving testosterone levels and overall male health.

By using their product Alpha Fuel intends to provide you with the following benefits:

Muscle Mass

As testosterone levels drop, it affects the amount of muscle your body naturally produces. (1)

This can make training feel like an uphill struggle. Even though you are doing everything right, muscle gains are still thin on the ground.

Alpha Fuel claims to help you turn this downward trend on it’s head.

It uses testosterone boosting ingredients to put you back in the driving seat when it comes to your physique. (2)

Sex Drive

As men get older, it is no great secret that interest insex can start to wane.

One of the main causes of this is lowered testosterone. From mid life onwards, the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream dwindles. (3)

Testosterone is directly responsible for sexual desire and sexual performance. (4)

By restoring testosterone to adequate levels, you can feel the benefit upon your libido in no time. (5)

Alpha Fuel not only contains ingredients which elevate testosterone, but also those that help with sexual performance generally.


It goes hand in hand with muscle mass, so it will not be a surprise that low testosterone translates into low strength. (6)

Studies have shown those with less of the male hormone do not perform as well during exercise as those who have higher amounts. (7)

Alpha Fuel will help you raise your training targets by ensuring your t-levels are where they need to be.


The formula of Alpha Fuel uses a proprietary blend including the following ingredients:

Oat Straw

Oat straw is a tough plant which likes to grow in thick soils. It is commonly grown in northern europe and the US as a food source for both people and livestock.

It’s rich in protein and also provides antioxidant compounds, vitamins and minerals.

Oat straw can benefit general health by lowering cholesterol. (8)

However, we couldn’t find any evidence to suggest oat straw increases testosterone or provides any other male enhancement benefits.  

Longjack Root

Longjack is a species of tree that grows in the dense jungles of southeast asia.

Jungle tribes believe each and every part of this tree has medicinal properties. It has been used as a treatment for malaria and also as a remedy for sexual dysfunction.

Longjack root is known to boost the libido, enhance erection quality and improve fertility. It is thought these are secondary effects due to the way longjack acts to reduce performance anxiety. (9,10)

Longjack is also able to enhance performance by delaying ejaculation and improving sperm quality. (11,12)

It also elevates testosterone levels. (13)

Nettle Root

Nettle is a type of stinging plant that has therapeutic uses in traditional and modern herbal medicine.

It is often used as a diuretic, but also has use in the treatment of enlarged prostate symptoms. (14)

Nettle is believed to have beneficial effects upon test levels by intervening in the balance between female hormone estrogen and testosterone.

Men have estrogen, just the same as women also have testosterone. The only difference between the sexes is the quantity of each.

If a man has lower estrogen levels, testosterone will rise as a result. (15)

Nettle root can block the production of further estrogen, increasing testosterone and associated benefits. (16)

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant sometimes known by the name puncture vine, or even ‘goats head’.

Many parts of this plant are used in ayurvedic therapy, as well as traditional chinese medicine.

There is also evidence tribulus terrestris has testosterone boosting abilities. (17)

Libido and sexual performance in both men and women is another trait. (18,19)

Piper Nigrum

Piper nigrum is quite simply the same black pepper you have in that condiment grinder.

Black pepper does have health benefits. It can improve blood flow and increase heart rate, boost immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties. (20,21,22)

Whilst it does not increase testosterone by itself, it does serve to improve the absorption of other ingredients in Alpha Fuel formula.

Munuca Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens is a kind of legume which includes a wealth of beneficial chemical compounds.

The most important of which is a chemical called ‘levodopa’ or l-dopa.

L-dopa is a bioactive compound needed to make brain messengers in the nervous system.

It’s crucial for adrenaline and dopamine. These two ‘mind’ couriers are responsible for feelings of extreme energy, fight or flight mode and satisfaction. (24,25,26)

Furthermore, l-dopa is important for increasing the rate at which the body utilises available testosterone. (27)


Ashwagandha is sometimes called indian ginseng. It is used in ayurvedic medicine.

It has rejuvenating qualities and has been used to support mental health as well as physical health.

Ashwagandha can considerably increase strength during weight lifting. It also boosts testosterone to new heights. (28)

It also helps to increase fertility by improving sperm quality. (29)

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a chemical compound naturally produced in the body when digestion of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage or cauliflower occur.

DIM can stop the conversion of available testosterone into estrogen. This is because it works as a ‘aromatase inhibitor’.

Aromatase is an enzyme that is responsible for creating estrogen. DIM stops this action from happening, therefore prevents further estrogen being produced. (30)


Low zinc levels are connected with many different health issues.

Zinc is a crucial mineral used throughout the body for a multitude of functions. It is partly responsible for the correct functioning of the immune system, DNA synthesis, cell division and the use of proteins. (31)

Zinc is also required for the production of testosterone. If levels of zinc are not adequate, testosterone levels can decline.

Supplementing with zinc helps to support healthy testosterone production and also helps sexual performance. (32,33)


Magnesium is an essential macronutrient extremely important for our health.

Because it’s so important, we require relatively large amounts every day to stay healthy. Adults should consume between 310 to 400 mg of magnesium every day. (34).

Magnesium helps to keep the heart and other major organs running efficiently, It also has electrolyte properties, which means it keeps all the fluids in the body balanced. Without electrolytes our muscle would not work properly. (35,36)

Alpha Fuel recognises the wider benefits of magnesium, but it’s primarily used because it can increase free testosterone in the body. (37)

Side Effects

All Alpha Fuel ingredients are from natural sources. There is no synthetic chemicals or hormones included in the formula. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any dangerous reactions to its use.

Of course there is always some possibilities for side effects, including: increased aggression, acne, stomach upset, dizziness and increased appetite.

Should you feel unwell, stop taking this product and seek medical advice.

Recommended Dosage

For best results, take one capsule in the morning, but take another before any exercise.

This concept enables support of testosterone levels regularly on a day to day basis. However, it also provides a boost at times of athletic performance.


Alpha Fuel is a natural alternative to synthetic hormone therapy.

Their chemical free blend uses ingredients clinically proven to enhance testosterone and improve male health and performance.

However, it’s disappointing the formula is a proprietary blend because this means we are not sure of the potency of the ingredients used.

Also, we think almost $70 for less than a months supply, (assuming you workout) is rather expensive.

With this in mind, we suggest Alpha Fuel could be a worthy supplement for those who train regularly and want to reverse male hormone loss.

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