Advocare Review — Is it a scam?

Advocare is an MLM company operating in the health and wellness sphere. They provide their customers with a several product lines of nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products.

If you are unfamiliar with their nutrition offerings, but the name seems familiar to you it’s probably due to Advocare’s ties to several major sporting events. The company has been a sponsor for Major League Soccer , Nascar, and multiple college football and basketball events.

The founder Charles E. Ragus developed 10 principles that are the basis of Advocare’s growth and expansion. Focusing on key elements including faith, loyalty, and integrity has lead to AdvoCare becoming an award-winning member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).


Since its founding in 1993 Advocare has expanded it’s line of over 60 different nutritional and health supplements and even has it’s own line of active apparel. There are a range of products for both athletes and non-athletes. Most others just focus on “normal” folks (a bit like Truvision).

Their nutritional supplements are divided into four different categories that they call product lines: Trim, Active, Well, and Performance elite.

The Trim products are developed to help you keep and achieve a healthy weight.

There are eleven different offerings in this category all focusing on either appetite control, metabolism, or meal replacement. Nutritional products in the MLM game are sporadic, but weight loss is the exception. It’s always a popular niche.

The Active product line is designed to increased energy, hydration and mental focus. There are nine different products here ranging from energy shots, drink mixes (like Plexus), meal replacement bars, and snack bars.

This category may not get you many distributors, but it could be a viable retail line for local athletes; especially if you’re in a college town.

The Well line covers a wider variety of issues and therefore has a larger number of products available. With 26 different options covering solutions for core nutrition, stress, mental capacity, digestive support and other personal wellness needs you’ll find everything from a colon cleanse to breath spray.

Wellness products seemed to have hit their peak, but there is still a market in the upper middle class arena.

Last is the Performance elite. Formulated for professional athletes these products help anyone looking to get the most from their workout. The focus here is to help add muscle, enhance workouts, or help you recover from strenuous exercise.

These supplements are designed to be used during specific phases of your exercise routine: 60 minutes before, 30 minutes before, during, post workout, and nighttime recovery. There are also products for downtime or use in between meals.

Compensation Plan

To sign up to be a distributor you first have to choose a sponsor. If you don’t have one you will have to choose from a list of distributor that live close to you. You pay $59 (+tax and shipping) for your own distributor kit. It’s more like a welcome pack with a few samples, a magazine, and a shaker bottle.

Advocare doesn’t make clear on their website if they provide you with any other guidance, it may just be up to you to contact your chosen sponsor.

There are 5 ways to earn income through Advocare, although it seems that you only qualify for 2 as a distributor. You have to become an Advisor, which is to sponsor other distributors, to gain access to all 5.

You can earn up to 40% profit on every product you sell. Sponsor other Distributors and earn from 5 to 20% commissions on every product they sell. Earn income on your organizational volume. Earn additional bonuses (anywhere from 3 – 19.75%) on your complete organization. Qualify for incentives, trips, or a one-time Rookie Bonus.

Advocare does provide some transparency by publishing their 2015 annual income ranges for their distributors. However the numbers seem rather lackluster as over 60% of what they call active distributors (those who received checks) only made an average annual income of $250 or less. Half of that group made only $50 or less.

The active distributors are those that made sales direct through the company website to retail customers. If you are considering joining Advocare because you personally love the products, you will receive a discount on everything you buy (20%-40%).

However, personal purchases do not count toward your sales goals. Any profit you make will only come from selling at full retail to customers direct from Advocare.

Unlike other MLM’s, Advocare does not offer compensation for recruiting new distributors. In other words, it doesn’t matter how many people you get to sign up under you, if they don’t sell product you won’t be making any commissions.

They do offer a few benefits other MLM’s may not such as a low entry fee ($59), no minimum inventory purchase requirement and a 100 percent buyback policy on product purchases if you resign.

Advocare also offers their distributors their DebtBuster program. This program will help walk you through financial basics, help you understand the dangers of credit cards, and explain how you can reduce your debt by snowballing payments.


Advocare is a well established company and a trusted name for many in the sports world. Professional athletes and those serious about their health and fitness use and enjoy their products. Users of their products enjoy the discounts they can receive by joining this MLM.

While the low entry fee and no minimum product purchase may seem attractive for those looking for a MLM, the money making opportunities are structured to only benefit those who are looking to build a large downstream distributor base.

The company’s own compensation report for their distributors reveals that this MLM may not be worth it for those looking to fully replace their annual income.


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