4Life Review — Is it a scam?

4Life is a health and wellness MLM that offers supplements for immune health, body transformation, and overall wellness.

Ran by CEO Steve Tew, it’s a very popular program with a slightly less complicated compensation plan than other networking companies. 4Life has some staying power and has been developing products since 1998.

Looking at the search trends, it has taken off in Central America and is growing quickly in the Spanish speaking world.

The age of the company and it’s success means they have a solid financial structure for distributors and a ton of products that will help you get customers as well as other folks in your downline making you more money.


4Life has just over 100 products.

If you’re thinking that’s more than many of the MLMs on the market (except giants like Amway), you’d be right.

Most companies just do a couple, or even a single product and build a company around it. 4Life has been around a while and they’ve been able to keep a growing successful product line for all these years. That means there is more appeal to both get distributors under you and retail customers.

All the offerings through this MLM are made to help you accomplish four things. A healthy diet, a decent exercise routine, getting a good night’s sleep, and having healthy relationships. It’s a bit holistic, like Take Shape for Life without the coaching.

They accomplish these goals by making tons of products and testing different formulas of vitamins and nutrients. Everything sold has at least one primary benefit, but almost everything has one or more secondary benefits, too.

If the main benefit is immune health, the secondary may be brain boosting. These things are packed full of nutrition.

We won’t go over all 100, but we will highlight some of the popular products from the catalogue.

The 4Life Transfer Factor supplement line  is a flagship for the company and for the immune system. It comes in a variety of ways like regular capsules and chewable tablets. It’s been formulated to help your body feel like it’s running right while also fighting off all the junk that you encounter day in and day out.

The chewable Transfer Factor comes in two flavors—Citrus Cream and Passion Fruit.

It works by boosting your own cellular activity, making you a more formidable weapon to keeping up against the germ world.

Our bodies, according to 4Life, have something called “natural killer” (NK) cell activity. The supplement boost the productivity of the body’s natural process, making it more likely to fight many things that come against us.

That same Transfer Factor blend of goods is also in Riovida.

It’s a health drink that offers many of the benefits of the supplement + the added benefit of antioxidants provided by the super fruits that have been blended into each bottle.

For those who like to have a more mobile option there are the Riovida stix.

They’re those little long, thin pouches with the powder in them. You put it in a bottle of water, give a good shake, and you’re ready to drink in all those immune boosting goodies.

Edible gels haven’t been around that long, but have been developed by Gatorade and other sports brands. Basically, their like a half set Jell-o full of healthy stuff.

4Life has their own version called Riovida Burst.

It contains the same formula as many of their other products, just in a form that is great for athletes or anyone who doesn’t like to mess around with their vitamin intake. Get it in quick and get moving.

Transfer Factor Immune Spray is perfect for the germaphobe. Just kidding.

It’s just like it sounds. It’s a small, breath freshener style bottle that can give you a quick immune boost when you feel like you need it. Feel like you’re coming down with something? Give it a spray. Work in an environment with lots of people (e.g. schools, daycare, retail)? Keep it handy.

Compensation Plan

Figuring out how agents get paid in MLMs can be a pain, but 4Life does a decent job of clearly laying out all of the caveats and programs that they use to pay people.

There are two “plans” to get you started as a distributor.

One is the “250 Accelerator Pack” (either for men or women). It’s $329.95 and comes with many of the top products to get you started on your own health. The larger package is called the “Transfer Factor 400 Pack”. It’ll run you $519.95.

Like most other MLMs, you’ll have to subscribe. This is where 4Life is pricier than other programs out there.

Your monthly order is, at least, the $329.95 package.

Moving up in the ranks is also a bit brutal. To make it from associate (50 monthly PV) to “leader”, you’ll have to maintain 100PV as well as have 4 distributors signed up under you with at least 100PV for each of them.

The compensation plan is one of the clearest and seemingly honest setups I’ve seen. They don’t make it seem like you’re going to be moving to Tahiti next month like many others do.


The long-standing of the company and the sheer number of products make 4Life an enticing MLM option. But with a high-priced entry and brutal monthly subscription, it’s not for everyone. The compensation plan is realistic in terms of what’s possible, but the requirements for making it to the top levels are hard to reach.

If you love health and wellness and are set on doing some sort of MLM, it’s not a bad option. There may be some better options that are easier to reach those higher payouts.


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