Most network marketers aren’t doing these 3 tips to make money online

Network marketers are notoriously piss-poor at making money, even if they have an MLM blog.

Why? Mostly because the MLM model was invented by a conman named Bubba, who wanted to trick his biker buddies into peddling his overpriced assless leather chaps that no one wanted.  (Fun fact: Bubba was apparently eaten by one of his own neck tattoos.)

Well, that’s how I like to imagine multilevel marketing came to be, anyways.

But the other reason is because everyone’s trying to suck money through a straw.  Meaning, they’re doing work.  They really are.  But their efforts have no capacity.

Ever feel this way?  Like no matter how hard you grind, something’s bottlenecking the shit outta your ability to get paid?

If so, I think I can help.

I can’t remember where I first heard this analogy — I’m 13% sure it was whispered in my ear by a stripper named Peaches — but it’s served me well so I thought I’d share it with you.

So to turn that “straw” into a “sewer pipe,” thereby allowing Mr. Benjamin and his deceased cousins to flow more freely towards you, check this out:

The 3 R’s that’ll turn any mooching marketer into a custodian of cash

1) Be REAL.  The MLM industry is littered with liars.  If you’re the one rep telling the most real, radical truth, guess what?  You win.

2) Be RAW.  Wrap your truth in passion and garnish it with colorful emotion.  Make ’em feel it.

3) Be RELEVANT.  Do shit that top earners do.  Stop pissing minutes down your Puma sweatpants and start spreading your real, raw message across the internet instead.

When you’re real, raw and relevant, your capacity to earn money expands.

Your efficiency increases.

Prospects who previously didn’t give an “F” about what you had to say?  Now do.

Write the 3 R’s down on paper and add some notes for each one.

How can you be more real?  Raw?  Relevant?

Please, take this serious.  Spend 20 uninterrupted minutes brainstorming ideas.  It’s only the foundation that’ll support your entire internet business.

An unwillingness to THINK before projectile vomiting the same ol’ sayings into the barf bag we call the internet is a real dick move.

(Don’t be a dick.)

Then, just like all the other important notes you’re writing down daily (ahem), reference this information often and make sure you’re staying true to the process.

I’ve given you enough, for free, right here on this blog… to either murder MLM through blogging or local lead generation using this.

If you’ve done nothing with it?  You need to have a come-to-Jesus meeting with yourself.

I have more respect for people who don’t even try than those who’re stuck in this perpetual state of getting-ready-to-try.

So step the F up or step all the way out.  But whichever you choose?

Get to stepping because you will get run over if you continue standing there like a thumb-twiddling, indecisive asshole.

Finally, learn from Connor McGregor

You might not follow MMA at all.  And you may hate the outspoken Irishman.

But the guy is legit.  A few years ago he was receiving government aid and now he’s expected to earn over $100 million dollars doing what he loves.

What he became OBSESSED with; not what he was blessed with from birth.

If you’re in MLM, this video should both excite and scare you.

On one hand, it’s like, “Hooray!  Anyone can do this.”  On the other, it’s like, “Shoot, you mean I actually gotta eat, sleep, breathe and otherwise beat the brakes off this biz opp?”  (Obsession sounds like work, huh?)

When the emotions settle, though, at least you’ve got the formula: courage, consistency and two scoops of crazy is the recipe for success in anything that’s hard or competitive.

Network marketing is no exception.

So as this year ends and 2017 begins, I want you to remember McGregor’s mantra:

“Talent does not exist.  We are all equals as human beings.

If you put in the time, you will reach the top.  And that’s that.  I am not talented; I am obsessed.”

Other words: stop telling yourself you just don’t have what it takes and instead do whatever it takes.

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