DoTerra Review — Is it a scam?

DoTerra is a wildly popular essential oil MLM that earns the number one spot on our top 25 MLMs.

Many MLM companies seem to be started as merely a means to make money, but DoTerra was started by a small selection of healthcare professionals with the ultimate intention of embracing the natural healing effects of essential oils.

The name comes from Latin meaning, “Gift of the Earth,” and is the focus on the company. The high quality essential oils are sold by independent sellers that build a team beneath them and profit is made from the monthly subscription of the sellers along with their team. Continue reading

Mary Kay Review — Is it a scam?

Mary Kay is a cosmetic MLM company that most people have heard of.

It is much like Avon, but is marketed toward younger customers. They have a large line of beauty and makeup products and are known to give pink cars to their most successful sales representatives.

Getting into selling Mary Kay is relatively easy and the products are generally marketed by parties in which the representative gives discounts and even makeovers to the guests.

Mary Kay products are among the most sought-after products on the market today as they have been proven to work and offer a range of different products.

Prices for these products range from a few dollars all the way into the hundreds, so no matter the price range your perspective customer is in, they are likely to be able to find something to purchase from the extensive Mary Kay collection. Continue reading

Avon Review — Is it a scam?

Avon is a cosmetic MLM company that has been around for many years and sells many different products.

Its original founding was in 1886 in New York, but the popularity of the products they sell reached a landmark year in 2013 with sales at over $10 billion.

The popularity of the brand is not just about the name, but the products themselves. Avon works to offer the best products possible all while making accessibility easy with representatives throughout the world. Avon parties are a staple in America and everyone seems to know someone who actively sells the products. Continue reading

Pure Haven Essentials Review — Is it a scam?

Pure Haven Essentials is a home goods MLM that sells green cleaning and health products.

Some MLM companies are all about products that nourish the body, but they fail to see the fact that many of the products throughout the world that are meant to help actually have many harmful ingredients that do more damage than good.

The founders of Pure Haven Essentials desired to bring products to the world that did not have harmful chemicals that caused damage to the body.

Their goal is to provide safe, effective, and trustworthy products to families throughout the United States and ultimately, the world. Continue reading

Tecademics Review — Is it a scam?

Tecademics is a bit different than other MLMs, in that it has nothing to do with the sale of physical products.

MLM companies come in a range of types, but most of them have something to do with the health and wellness fields. Instead the company sells ideas and tools to assist people in venturing out into their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

There are a couple of MLMs that aren’t the norm (like Lyoness), but Tecademics stands out a bit more.

The owner of the company has helped countless individuals develop their dream of becoming their own boss and he hopes to help you as well.

The company was founded by Chris Record who has a history of successful business ventures. Tecademics is run primarily from Arizona, but will surely find its way into other areas of the county soon. Continue reading

Pampered Chef Review — Is it a scam?

Pampered Chef was established in 1980 with the belief that having quality cooking products as well as providing empowerment through instruction and tips would provide a brand that people would want to invest in.

Over 30 years later, the brands building concepts have proven to be of worth. Pampered Chef is a globally recognized brand with consistent growth. Sought by both professionals in the culinary field and from food enthusiasts, the company is worth considering.

Pampered Chef may have the largest selection of products of any M2M brand on the market.

With 104 products offered for under $5, 139 products under $10, 224 products under $25, 109 under $50, 31 under $75, 9 under $100, and 39 products offered over $100 the selection is quite diverse.

Additionally, the availability of the product in multiple online stores such as AmazonEbay, and Walmart have boosted the awareness of the brand. Continue reading

OmniLife Review — Is it a scam?

OmniLife follows the health and wellness business model at the heart of many MLM companies.

Their approach to business is empowering their sellers to grow their own individual businesses within the company.

OmniLife was founded by Jorge Vergara in 1991 so it is among the oldest MLMs on the market today making it a valid choice for many looking to become their own boss.

The products offered by OmniLife expand throughout the realm of nutritional products as well as into cosmetics. These products are designed to enhance the life of the user in a variety of ways from providing energy to proper hydration and even customizable nutrition options. Continue reading

Arbonne Review — Is it a scam?

Arbonne is an MLM in the skin care and body niche (like Youngevity) that has been around since 1980 and since that time has spread throughout the world in multiple countries.

The reasons for their overall success are numerous, but one of the most important reasons is around what the company actually stands for.

Arbonne is based upon the simple mentality of pure, safe, and beneficial products. They utilize cutting edge science to ensure that every product within the Arbonne family is perfect. Continue reading

Beach Body Review —Is it a scam?

Beach Body is an MLM in the fitness and nutrition niche.

MLM companies come in a wide variety of types, but the most common is the fitness scene. Beach Body is among the many different fitness and nutritional based companies that offer opportunity for their participants to make money from sales of the company. (Imagine Take Shape for Your Life with a purpose).

Unlike many MLM companies that tend to focus on merely one aspect of the fitness realm, Beach Body focuses on the total body offering a range of nutritional supplements, gear, and even apparel to market toward their potential customers. Continue reading

Vasayo Review — Is it a scam?

Vasayo is an MLM specializing in health supplements. The company was started by Dallin and Karree Larson.

They bring products to the average person to improve their overall health. There are a number of MLM companies that sell vitamin supplement and health products, but this one is said to offer exactly what the body needs from a molecular standpoint.

If you’re looking for something a bit more scientific, take a look at Stemtech’s supplements.

It is a multi-billion-dollar company that has proven itself by winning multiple awards throughout its long history. Continue reading

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